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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 54 MB
  • Date Updated: 21/03/2018

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a hero to save others from evil forces? Fidget Hero Ninja is a game for you; this is an action role-playing game. You will become a true hero, destroy the evil forces and help others. Let’s find out about Fidget Hero Ninja Mod Unlocked.


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Sam is an office worker; his daily work makes him feel depressed. He saved a man who was harmed by thieves, which made him feel excited and wanted to do something good for everyone. So he decided to become a hero of Ninja, help others and protect the oppressed. The world has so many criminals and evil organizations that harm others, protecting them from evil is what Sam will do, starting his journey in Fidget Hero Ninja for Android.

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The character controls of the game are simple; you will have to control your character to fight against the bandits, hooligans, and even terrorists … You use the fighting techniques Like the kungfu by pressing the controls on the mobile screen. You will control the character performing various tasks such as detective, police … complete the task and overcome the difficulty level.

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At higher difficulty levels, enemies will also have stronger and more powerful weapons, and you need to be very skilful to accomplish the task and overcome the difficulty level. After completing the difficulty level, you will receive EXP points to upgrade your skills and money to upgrade weapons; your character will be stronger after each level of difficulty.

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Fidget Hero Ninja APK v1.6 Mod Unlocked

Fidget Hero Ninja for iOS has two modes of play for the player to choose from normal mission mode and dark mode. In dark mode, you will have more control over your character, more character skills and more difficulty in using them. This is a game that is very difficult for players to overcome, the enemy is equipped with very powerful weapons and very dangerous. They use weapons to threaten the lives of people. Therefore, you also need to equip yourself with new weapons and more power to be able to fight easily. You will be using the special skills of Ninja such as stealth, smoke bombs, wall climbing … to complete the task in the best way.

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Graphics and sound

Fidget Hero Ninja APK Mod is designed with the advanced 3D graphics technology and beautifully, characters and scenery around are displayed very clear and lively, manipulation skills of the character are also shown flexibly. Players will be able to feel as a true hero of justice. The sound of the game is well designed, the sound of the various weapons in the battle is described.


Download Fidget Hero Ninja Mod is a great action role-playing game, with varying levels of difficulty, players will have many challenges to overcome in the game. The simple character control, the graphics design of the game is very beautiful and detailed. You are the superhero lovers in the movies; you download Fidget Hero Ninja mobile device to experience the uniqueness and fun of the game.