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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 220 MB
  • Date Updated: 15/01/2018

If you are feeling bored with traditional puzzle games like “Candy Crush” and “Diamond”, try playing Ferdinand: Unstoppabull. This is an extremely fun puzzle game that will give you a very new experience when playing Ferdinand: Unstoppabull. The game is being developed by Koukoi Games publisher on both Android and iOS, and the game is currently available in the stores of the two operating systems. Although it has only appeared for less than three days, the game has received a lot of downloads and very positive evaluation from players. Let’s find out more about this game


Ferdinand Unstoppabull

Ferdinand: Unstoppabull Apk is based on a movie of the same name and is produced in 2017 by “Blue Sky Studios” and “20th Century Fox Animation”. It is the most popular animated film in 2017, and the movie has quickly gained popularity among people around the world. Developer Koukoi Games has recently acquired the copyright and turned it into an entertaining game on mobile. In the game, “Ferdinand” is a lovely bull in Spain, the bull is very fond of walking, smelling flowers and not aggressive aggression as the other bulls. The tragedy happened to Ferdinand, one day it was caught up in an arena. Where it has to fight and decide to become a gladiator or a free cow, Ferdinand’s troubles also start there.

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Ferdinand Unstoppabull apk 4

The game is very familiar, similar to the puzzle game of the same genre. Ferdinand: Unstoppabull Mod requires you to arrange the same tracks in a row (vertical, horizontal, diagonal), to score and make Ferdinand dance constantly fun.
The game also has more than 100 levels for you to enjoy the experience. However, at the first level, the arrangement of the tracks will be extremely simple and easy to find, but at higher levels, this will be more difficult. Thankfully, the levels of the game are not limited to time, so you can think longer to make your decision.

Ferdinand Unstoppabull apk 3

After each level you will be rewarded a lot of money, by arranging the tracks together, the more special tracks are created, the greater the bonus. Use that bonus to upgrade Ferdinand’s leaps in the game’s system. With each stage you will be taken to another place in Spain and meet new friends to dance with Ferdinand, this will bring a very interesting experience for you.
The game is also connected directly to the social network, you can brag about your score should personal page to share with your friends. This is a very interesting thing that I like very much of these games that can connect new social networks

Graphics and Sound

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The feeling of playing Ferdinand: Unstoppabull Android is like watching an animated movie, the graphics of the game are very beautiful 3D design and impressive. The score and dance moves of Ferdinand are very harmonious and fun. The game is set in Spain, so the songs in the game are also taken from this beautiful country, there are many traditional songs suitable for the game.

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The game is well suited to entertaining after stressful work hours, giving it a new feel than traditional puzzle games. If you love this game, please download the two Android and iOS operating systems under the link below.