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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 19/05/2019

With a gentle and simple entertainment trend, there are many producers known. Among manufacturers known for this development trend, Noodlecake Studios Inc is a manufacturer familiar to everyone and was established in Canada. They have a lot of interesting products on Googleplay like Really Bad Chess, Alto’s Odyssey or Astro Party. In addition to the above names, they have just released a new game with equally interesting content Farm Punks.

farm punks 2

New and exciting races

Instead of the familiar race with cars or bicycles, Farm Punks APK Mod will provide you with exciting races of different fruits. You have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the countryside and to use a variety of fruits to participate in unique races. Fruit races promise to bring more exciting experiences and thrilling emotions to everyone. After completing the races, you can also sell fruits to receive the bonus. This is a completely new and exciting race that many other games do not have.

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When you experience, you will be taken to a farm, and you are responsible for harvesting the fruits. After harvesting fruits, you must use them to participate in the races to collect lots of bonuses. Completing the races with good achievements will give you more bonuses. And this bonus will be used to take care of the farm, helping you grow new fruits. More than 80 different fruits are waiting for you to use in unique races. Quickly join in discovering and owning a beautiful farm for your own.

Farm Punks – An “Ordinary” Fruit Farm

To complete the race, you must swipe up continuously on the device’s screen. Swipe up continuously will help your fruit move faster. Try to observe the path to perform precise control operations. In addition to constantly moving on maps, your fruit can also fly in the air with tap and hold operations. Note, to make this move; you need to move to high positions at a great speed.

farm punks 4

Besides moving, you also need to pay attention to the durability of each fruit. Each type of fruit has a certain limit of durability. At the top of the screen, there will be an HP bar to show the durability of the fruit you are using. And within the allowable limits, you must move as far as possible. The farther you move, the greater the value of the fruit and help you create more impressive achievements.

farm punks 1

The fun and lovely of the fruit

Farm Punks has beautiful 3D graphics along with many lovely movements of fruits. With light content, the game will give you the familiar scenery of a farm with many different buildings. Also, the manufacturer also builds a diverse color system and produces a lot of sharp images. In particular, the imaging system of the game is built in a beautiful cartoon style that makes it suitable for all ages.