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  • Date Updated: 13/02/2019

If you’ve ever experienced interesting simulation activities in Bee Factory, you should not ignore the completely new simulation challenge called Farm Factory. Similar to Bee Factory, the new product offers a familiar simulation challenge when you are in charge of managing a factory. If Bee Factory brings challenges to bee management and honey collection work, in the new product, you will be managing many different animals with challenges that are new and more attractive. Right now, you can download from App Store and Googleplay, you can also use the links at the end of the article to download more easily.

farm factory 2

Impressive factory management

Farm Factory for iOS offers an interesting management challenge with many different animals; you will build a unique farm right on your device. You will have to take care of animals and grow your farm. Take care of many different animals and collect many interesting products they create.

Interesting challenges

You have the task of managing the operation of a farm; you must monitor and develop your farm with many different animals. Each animal will create many different products for you to harvest and accumulate bonuses. Bonus accumulation is an important task to help you unlock many new animals and grow a stable farm.

Farm Factory! – Farm tycoon idle game!

You will start with some animals that the game offers. Animals will produce many different products for you to harvest. Each product has a different value and production time. Therefore, players need a smart and stable production plan. Each animal has a separate area on the farm, carrying out various upgrades to create more products. Faster production helps you create a stable flow of goods and collect lots of bonuses. Also, you need to upgrade the factory to expand the operation of the farm and take care of many different animals.

farm factory 3

Transporting goods and animals

The farm management helps you own many different animals such as chickens, dairy cows, snakes, unicorns and many other interesting animals. Farm Factory APK Mod is really diverse with many different animals that provide many different products. You need to pay attention to monitoring the operation of the factory to produce and transport goods in a stable way. After collecting products, players have two ways to transport goods including roads and air. Each shipping method will have different costs and create different benefits. Shipping by air does not have a shorter time, but it only helps you transport a small amount of goods. Transport by road longer and you can transport a much larger quantity of goods than air. Each way of transport has its own advantages and disadvantages, choose the appropriate shipping method for each type of goods to get a stable income.

farm factory 1

Are you ready?

Farm Factory offers many familiar and understandable challenges. A sharp image quality and beautiful 2D graphics will make you more satisfied and love this game. With attractive management challenges, the game’s interface system is simply arranged and displayed carefully. This provides a lot of information needed to monitor plant operations. Many unique management activities and a series of exciting upgrades will help you become a wealthy boss.