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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 51 MB
  • Date Updated: 24/05/2018

FANANEES 2 is a very refreshing training game, released by MBC Group. Players will be engaging in an imaginary world, facing an endless maze and challenging conquest. The player will make a difficult journey to escape the endless labyrinth in this game. With unique play and fun photo design. The game will give players the most fun and unique experience. Let’s learn about FANANEES 2 for Android.

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Journey through the maze

When participating in the game, the player will be immersed in a character. The mission of the player is to help her character make the journey to escape the endless maze. Games will not be divided into different difficulty levels; players will feel the difficulty of the game increases as they play.

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Fananees 2 Gameplay on Android

Initially, the lower layers of the maze will have fewer obstacles, and they move at a slower rate. Players will be able to break through the lower levels of the maze easily. At the higher levels of the maze, this place has a lot of bizarre objects and moves at a fast pace. Players will have to perform the correct operation to be able to pass the higher floors easily.

Simple gameplay

FANANEES 2 APK Download has a very simple way of playing; the player only needs to do the touching of the screen to control his character to perform the jump operation. With the simple play, any age can participate in this game. Also, the game has many different themes for players to choose. Each theme will have its colour and design; players will not feel bored playing this game continuously for a long time. The game has many other unique features waiting for the player to experience and explore.

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Graphic design fun

FANANEES 2 MOD Diamonds is designed with 2D graphics technology in a very fun cartoon style. Your character is designed like a shadow to create a sense of mystery. The labyrinth in the game is displayed in a very detailed and clear way. The sound of the characters performing the dance moves is described as very fun and lively.

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You can download the game here

FANANEES 2 APK Mod is a very entertaining and adventurous game. The game is very suitable for those who are looking for a game of recreation to relieve stress after a long period of hard work. With simple gameplay. Theme system and feature diversity, graphic design fun. Players will have the most comfortable moments when experiencing this game. You can download the game using the link at the bottom of the article to save up to your Internet traffic.