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Come to the game Fairy Tail, you will be embodied in the character Luci Heartfilia – one of the most important characters in the Anime – Manga series. As you all know, the dragon has long been known as the strongest creature on earth, the ones who can master the dragon are the Salamander – The Dragon Killer. Come to think of it, you know that this is the world Fairy Tail right? Young and passionate enthusiasts are eager to discover the Fairy Tail world.

Fairy Tail Mod Apk latest for Android/iOS

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In the game Fairy Tail for Android, you will be immersed in the medieval world, where magnificent palaces, powerful mages, mysterious and scary creatures are waiting for you. Tencent is a leading Chinese game production company, which opened PRE-REGISTRATION for FAIRY TAIL and has released trailers that thousands of fans eagerly await the release date of the game. Let’s find out what the game has made so many gamers in the world expect.


Fairy Tail Apk Mod is a turn-based RPG game where you will be reincarnated in the character’s way and perform the difficult tasks assigned. The mages in the game will be the people assigned to you, after completing the mission you will receive a sum of money, experience to upgrade equipment and skills. So, the battle will be very difficult and fierce. You will face a lot of enemies and scary monsters. Not only do you have to finish it, but you also need to finish it well because you need to compete with your colleagues. But later, you will also have to work with them when the war breaks out.

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When you participate in a match, you need to control your character and plan the attack in the most scientific way possible. After winning, the reward for your rational arrangement is enormous. There will be challenges in the game that you almost cannot win. But do not be discouraged, be persistent and determined and the results will come to you. Also, improve your character’s stats such as stamina and speed … to easily beat opponents.

Fairy Tail Gameplay IOS/Android

Graphics in the game

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Under the hands of talented producer Tencent, Fairy Tail for iOS takes players to an incredibly vibrant Japanese Manga – Anime universe. The game is full of challenges for you. With beautiful, sharp and vibrant scenes, you will be amazed at the unique gameplay style. One thing that is very interesting is that the sound of the game is the same as the voice of the original characters.

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If you are a fan of Fairy Tail Mod then what are you waiting for, download the game to your phone. And prove yourself as a good gamer, by winning all the quests of the game. Have a nice time playing the game and always visit PiePure.Com to update the latest information about the game.