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  • Date Updated: 21/03/2018

If you are so frustrated with racing games, plane battles and want to find new games, I would like to introduce you a new type of game. This is a very little simulation game genre, and there are not many producers who exploit this genre. But this type of game is pretty much-interested gamers and favourite. The game I want to introduce to you is called Euro Flight Simulator 2018. This is a game that allows you to control a giant passenger plane with hundreds of passengers inside. You will also go to many different cities around the world. Can you be a good pilot and beloved by all? Let’s try Euro Flight Simulator 2018 now!

Brings you new experiences

euro flight simulator 2018 1

Euro Flight Simulator 2018 Mod APK is not like other aeroplane games you’ve played. You will not control fighter planes and engage in fierce fighting. Instead, you will be driving a large and beautifully designed aircraft. This seems to only appear in the dream of so many people.

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You will have to learn to take flight skillfully and carefully. After successfully taking off the plane, you also need to pilot the plane to the already marked points in the sky to fly to the airport. This is a task that requires your high concentration to be able to accomplish excellently.

euro flight simulator 2018 4

Euro Flight Simulator 2018 APK Download will bring you many different flights in the sky. So be careful if you do not want to crash into other planes. Everything you do should be accurate so that you can get to the right place and time. Upon completion of these tasks, you will receive a certain amount of bonuses.

Control Plane

Euro Flight Simulator 2018 Mod Unlocked gives you a great control system. You just need to tilt your device to control the aircraft as you want. If you want to fly over to the left, just tilt your device to the left and the right. You will find it different from racing games but this is a great thing because you are controlling a huge aircraft.

Download Euro Flight Simulator 2018 Mod APK for Android

Attractive features

– Each flight has ten different missions
– There are 15 different pilots for you to choose from and the other features are very realistic 3D designs.
– You experience a very dynamic and realistic aeroplane.

Graphics in the game

euro flight simulator 2018 5

Euro Flight Simulator 2018 for iOS is designed with true 3D graphics and vivid. The scenery around you is also beautifully designed like cities, rivers, mountains, clouds … The sound in the game is mainly the wind around the plane; it gives you the feeling of being flying gliding in the sky.

General comment

Euro Flight Simulator 2018 gives you new options if you are too bored with current action games, tactics. You can download the game by visiting the link below. Have fun playing the game!