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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 1.7 GB
  • Date Updated: 07/03/2019

MMORPG is a game genre familiar to everyone and receives a lot of attention from users. With the number of MMORPG as diverse as today, are you looking for a lively and interesting game? Do you need gameplay with a variety of mission systems and are comfortable connecting with friends? From the above requirements, Era of Legends is the most suitable option today with a beautiful 3D image system and many impressive fighting skills. 101XP LIMITED producer will give you and every one a unique fantasy world.

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Intriguing storyline

Era of Legends for iOS brings a fascinating story about an epic world with impressive powers. The story begins with the battle of the four kings and crusaders Farinos. From the fierce fear, Glade desert began to change and turned into a living place of terrifying creatures. From a barren and desolate land, it has turned into a sea of ​​fire with many dangerous monsters dominating.

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After these crazy events, many heroes appeared to prevent monsters from invading the human world. They come from many different races around the world to discover unique magical powers along with many beautiful fighting skills. Experience many unique missions along with a series of fascinating adventures to the mysterious lands. Besides, players also experience a diverse character system along with intense PVP challenges and a variety of attractive features that will make you more fun.

Era of Legends – Fantasy MMORPG in your mobile


Beautiful character

The first highlight of the game is a diverse character system to help you freely choose characters to use according to your preferences. The fighting skills of the characters are divided into two types: Melee and Ranged. Besides the character classes are prepared for you to experience including eight different character classes. Melee style classes of characters include Warrior, Rogue, Guardian. Ranged fighting character classes include Warlock, Priest, Ranger, Shaman and Mage.

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Because of having two different fighting styles, the characters will have special fighting abilities, and they all have their difficulty for players to overcome. Each character class will be built with a unique weapons system. When you experience, you need to pay attention to collecting equipment. In addition to diverse character classes, combat skills are also built sophisticatedly with many special skills. Each character will own their battle skills, and you need to unlock these skills on each level of the character to use and fight.

Level and mission

You will experience character classes with many different levels; you need to perform many tasks or events that occur regularly to gain more experience points. The higher the level, the greater the number of experience points accumulated. So you must have a character development strategy scientifically to increase the character level.

You have the opportunity to explore many interesting quests like capturing the legendary mounts or crazy raids to get many rare rewards. Each mission will create your challenges; it will also help you relax comfortably with many other players around the world. A series of mysterious dungeons and interesting events that happen regularly will make you experience it constantly

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Besides exciting missions and events, you are also allowed to join the arena to compete with many other players. The arena is a place to help you train your fighting skills and evaluate the strength of many other players. This is an ideal place to accumulate the necessary fighting skills. Join regularly to experience the attractive PVP mode and make friends with many players around the world.

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Beautiful graphics

Era of Legends brings an impressive image quality along with sharp 3D graphics. The details of characters or monsters, the scenery in the game are prepared honestly and very sophisticated. You will feel a lively world right on your device with many beautiful landscapes along with many unique monsters. The colours and costumes of the characters are very diverse with many interesting designs that will surprise you. Besides, the combat skill effect is also carefully built to create many beautiful images. Overall, this game has great image quality, and you won’t find any weakness to complain to the manufacturer.