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  • Platforms: Android 2.3.2 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 401 MB
  • Date Updated: 06/05/2019

In addition to MMORPG challenges on the PC platform, the number of MMORPG games on mobile platforms is now very diverse and developed by many different manufacturers. With many different options, people have the opportunity to enjoy many exciting battles and different stories. In recent times, GAMELAND (HK) CO., LIMITED manufacturer has released their completely new MMORPG game. And it’s called Era of Discord: Dawn Storm, it’s already available on App Store and Googleplay. Therefore, you can easily install and join the experience with friends.

era of discord dawn storm 2

A new world

You and everyone have the opportunity to explore a fantasy world with tremendous magical powers and a variety of monsters to fight. Not only do you fight, but you also have to compete with many other people to become the strongest warrior in the game. Your journey to become the strongest warrior will be very difficult and takes a long time to perform.

Three interesting character classes to explore

Come to Era of Discord: Dawn Storm for iOS, you will discover three character classes with their costumes. These classes include Elementalist, Spellsword and Berserker. Character classes are built by the manufacturer with a different plot system and skills for you to experience.

Era of Discord: Dawn Storm for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The plot system of each class of characters is built very sophisticatedly and creates many attractive adventures for everyone. Besides adventures, you also discover beautiful combat skills and a diverse upgrade system. With these stories and skill upgrade system, you will get lots of fun emotions and continuous participation to fight with many others.

Monsters and epic battles

With an MMORPG game, you need to participate in various missions to develop characters. There are many tasks that will be organized according to a scientific level system for you to perform. Completing the assigned missions will help you get many valuable rewards to equip the character. In addition to completing tasks, you also need to try to collect good items for the character. In online games, you can join team tasks to save time.

era of discord dawn storm 3

To bring intense battles and attractions to you, the manufacturer has prepared many monsters or BOSS in various maps. Each monster and BOSS are prepared with their attack skills, and you must find their weaknesses to destroy. The more powerful monsters and BOSS have more experience points or high-value rewards you get.

Social network and exchange market

To make it easy for people to connect, the game is prepared for a strong and stable social networking system. Players can freely make friends and share many stories through various chat channels. You can easily chat in groups or individuals with personal or global chat.

era of discord dawn storm 4

Besides an attractive social network, people are also allowed to trade in the market of games. With a diverse market system, you and many players around the world will easily exchange goods and own many items. In the commodity exchange market, you can easily trade in many different locations.