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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
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  • Date Updated: 23/02/2019

Are you interested in intense battles in history? Do you always want to experience fascinating strategic challenges built on real-world events? All you need will be in Empire of Heroes. A unique strategy game developed based on the famous Three Kingdoms context of Chinese history. There have been a lot of games developed with the above content, but only this completely new game by Ujoy producer gives you the most authentic experience. Become a smart leader to end the war, defeat all enemies to protect your people.

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Back in ancient times

Empire of Heroes APK Mod helps you discover many unique challenges in the process of competing with many other players. Build your strong citadel and discover many powerful generals from the three countries Wei, Shu and Wu. Many interesting events and tasks will take place continuously to challenge your ability to fight and build your plan. You will get the most intense battles and the most compelling competition right on your device.

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A talented leader

At the beginning of the game, players will discover some short stories and get basic instructions from the game. For those who are familiar with strategic factors, they may not need to see these guidelines. However, if you do not have much experience in strategy games, these instructions are very important, so you need to pay close attention so you can get used to the game quickly.

Empire of Heroes for Android/iOS – Gameplay

You experience many different tasks such as building new buildings to accumulate resources. Proceed to upgrade buildings inside the city to receive more resources. Join the battle in the basic battlefield to get used to the battle system and squad formation. Complete each mission to help you gain experience points and many other valuable rewards.

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Summon and use many powerful generals, discover a variety of unique soldiers with their fighting skills. Each type of soldier will be suitable for different battlefields. Therefore, you need to build a strong and diverse army to fight many enemies. Also, you discover much interesting equipment for the characters and upgrade soldiers. With this powerful equipment, your army is better at fighting. This helps you compete with many players in major events.

Impressive arena

Besides building troops and fighting based on the plot. You have the opportunity to participate in the arena to compete globally. PVP mode creates many interesting experiences when you are fighting with many other players to improve your combat skills and overcome the disadvantages in your army. The manufacturer encourages players to participate in the arena regularly to have more exciting experiences and to create many good achievements.

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Graphics and sound

Empire of Heroes for iOS has good graphics and a unique interface system with many different functions, promising to bring many interesting experiences. The characters are built with good and sharp picture quality. The battles become more lively with special moves and combat skills. The next impressive point of the game is an interesting sound system when voiced by many actors from Japan. The soundtrack and sound when fighting will give you more excitement and focus on experience.

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With the help of manufacturers from Japan, Empire of Heroes will make you satisfied when built from sound, graphics to gameplay. Overall, it will be one of the most compelling strategy games today that you should not miss.