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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 22 MB
  • Date Updated: 05/04/2018

The elastic car is a very successful game at the time it was launched by the physics in the game. The game was popular with many gamers and quickly reached the top download rankings in app stores. Recently, the next version of the game was released as the name Elastic car 2. This next version also quickly received the attention of players around the world because of its uniqueness. The producer of the game – RALIS-STUDIO did not disappoint the fans by giving them a unique and well-received product. Although this new release early this year, but the game has achieved huge downloads with many positive comments from the players. Let’s find out about Elastic car 2 for Android.

elastic car 2 1

Elastic car 2 for iOS is a significantly upgraded version compared to the previous version. The game is applied a lot of new technology and high technology solutions. So it gives the player a great experience. You will enjoy it.

elastic car 2 2

As suggested by the manufacturer, Elastic car two was developed based on the reviews and suggestions of users from the previous version. This makes the version much better than this. Now, you can change everything in your car.

elastic car 2 3

Vehicle parameters that you can change

– The hardness of the vehicle: It allows you to change the hardness and elasticity of the vehicle body
– The hardness of the buffer: You can increase or decrease the force to soothe shocks when exposed
– Strength: You can change the ability of the car design, help the vehicle bear the load suddenly
– Vehicle weight: You will change some pressure on the vehicle to reduce the weight of the vehicle

elastic car 2 5

Other parameters

– Customized shock absorbers
– Increase or decrease the suspension of the vehicle
– Unwinding

Parameters on the car engine

– Electric motors on the car
– Control of the gas system
– Turn on and off the drag system automatically
– Add Bot to game

elastic car 2 4

In-game car system

Elastic car 2 Mod Money gives you a lot of different vehicles. Each car has different points. So every adjustment you make to the car will have a certain impact on the car. You have 18 cars to test. The manufacturer promised to update the other vehicles in the next update.

Download Elastic car 2 Android Gameplay

Elastic car 2 is a new and attractive choice for you. I believe you will not regret it when you download it. Please visit the link below to download the game. Have fun playing the game!