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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 98 MB
  • Date Updated: 15/08/2018

In recent times, there have been a lot of role-playing games being released globally. There are many players looking for a highly competitive role-playing game, Edge of Combat released by KEYSTORM HOLDINGS LTD will make a choice that players cannot miss. This game will bring you the most intense battles, choose one of the two sides and fight to become the best warrior.

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Protonium is a rare material, and it is very dangerous. Terrorist organizations want to own this dangerous material to make weapons of mass destruction. MCA is a global police force that recognizes the dangers of terrorist organizations and has launched campaigns to stop humanity’s end. However, many people hate the MCA organization because of their oppression of the people. Consequently, opponents of the MCA organization gathered and created a new force called Renegades. Every organization wants to maintain peace and justice for the people, which one will you choose?

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Edge of Combat APK Download is a shooting game with a third person perspective. The game will bring players to the fierce battle between the two forces is MCA and Renegades. Initially, players will have to choose the organization they want to join; the organization will give the task for the players to perform. Each mission in the game takes the player to a fierce battle; you will be competing with other players around the globe. You will be involved in 5vs5 battles very attractive. The battle will last for a limited time of three minutes; you will have to destroy the most enemies to help your forces win.

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Like other role-playing games, you will have to team up with your teammates in tactics. The opposing team will also have their tactics, kill the enemy the most in a limited time to win. Players can take advantage of the complex terrain design of the game to hide and defeat the enemy. You can not hide when the enemy also owns the third person view; you will have to destroy them quickly before the other players do the same thing to you. After completing the battle, the game will bring the best players a lot of attractive rewards.

Edge of Combat for Android/iOS – Gameplay


Edge of Combat for iOS is built on a sharp 3D graphics platform. The characters in the game are designed like real life warriors for the player to have the most realistic experience. The battle will be more appealing with the presence of so many visual effects of different weapons. You will feel the turmoil of the battlefield with the eye-catching graphic design of the game. The game’s sound system is also well-designed to give players intense battles.

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Edge of Combat will be a role-playing game worthy of your interest. This game will bring players a lot of new experiences with the most battle. Which organization do you trust?