• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 91 MB
  • Date Updated: 23/04/2018

Dungeon & Heroes is an RPG-style war game. Players have the task of building castles, upgrading heroes, exploring new lands, collecting information and taking part in battles. The game was produced by the famous publisher DroidHen, launched on April 19, 2018, and now is sold on the google play store. If you are curious about this game, find out more in the article below.

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Dungeon & Heroes – Become a great king

Appearing in a mysterious land, players will build their own castle, recruit heroes, explore the world and fight to collect resources for development. You will engage in fierce battles; your task now is to direct your army and enjoy the victory.

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Download Dungeon & Heroes for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Players will collect heroes from around the world, train them and upgrade strategies to create a unique army for the kingdom. Then use your heroes discover new locations, fight monsters and collect items after winning. Besides, you also meet the army of other kingdoms, compete with them if you think you can win.

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Join the battle and win, you will receive many attractive rewards to help your kingdom become stronger. You can even set up or join a guild where many other players are allied with your kingdom. You will have more support and more exciting features.

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Main features of the game

– Engage in a large map
– Build and develop the kingdom
– Collect the heroes in the world
– Establish military systems and engage in fascinating battles
– Win and receive rewards
– Discover new lands
– Can play with friends

Graphics and sound

Dungeon & Heroes for Android own beautiful 3D graphics design, the pictures in the game are described in great detail and crisply. Besides, a vibrant sound system gives the players intense and fascinating battle.

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Overall, Dungeon & Heroes for iOS is an exploration and fighting game, which is loved by many people in the world. Join and make your kingdom the strongest. Currently, this game is supported on Android operating systems. For easy installation, please click on the link below. Wish you have a fun experience.