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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 38 MB
  • Date Updated: 25/06/2019

If you play games mobile regularly, you will surely know the game producer Voodoo. The company has been very successful with games like Dunk Shot, Fire UP!, Rolly Vortex and so on. Continuing this success, the company has launched a new game called Dune!. Now you can download games on both Google Play and App Store.

Download Dune! by Voodoo Mod Apk for Android

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Game size is only 149MB so you can play games on most types of smartphones today. Download Dune! Promising to give you a highly attractive game. This is a game that you can not ignore at the beginning of this year. Let find out what’s interesting about Dune!

Dune! Introduction

download dune for ios

Voodoo has always been a leader in creating highly entertaining and unique games. You are always amazed at the gameplay, graphics, and sound of the games released by Voodoo. All Voodoo games are loved by the players because the game is very simple but very addictive. Voodoo always knows how to create their own attraction. So, Dune! Apk The promise will also bring a lot of success in the coming time.

Attractive gameplay

download dune for android

Dune! for Android gives you a very simple task, which is to control a flying ball highly and fastly in a vast desert. What you need to do in the game is to make the ball fly as far as possible, then you get a higher score. It sounds pretty simple, right? But when you play you will realize that things are not simple, your path is not fluent. Instead, it is the rugged mountain, and it is difficult to control the ball flying smoothly. You will lose when you cannot carefully drop marbles.

Simple game control

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Like most of the other Voodoo games, the controls in the game are quite simple. You just need to hold the phone’s screen to push the marbles up. The higher the flying balls, the more points you get.

Dune! by Voodoo Mod – Gameplay

Some points to note when playing the game

Dune! for iOS The game is very simple and addictive so you can play the game anywhere. When you play games after school hours or stressful hours, it helps you reduce stress a lot. But there are a few points that may make you uncomfortable. That’s in-game ads. To stop this, you should turn off network connections like wifi or 3g for the best gaming experience. Or you could spend $ 3 to shut down this permanently. Besides, the game also has only one game mode.

Graphics and sound in the game

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Dune! Apk Mod It is equipped with 2D graphics. Because the game is quite simple, the graphics in the game is not necessarily too beautiful. Just 2D graphics, you are soon addicted to the game just after a few times. Besides, the audio system in the game is entertaining, giving the players the funny time when playing. Sure, Dune! will soon succeed in the coming time.

General comment

If you are looking for a leisure game in your spare time, Dune! Mod is a great choice. You can download the game via the link below. I wish you happy gaming time.