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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 82 MB
  • Date Updated: 05/05/2018

Are you a GTA game enthusiast on a computer? Want to experience a new and attractive? Dude Theft Wars will be the perfect choice for you; the game is released by producer Poxel Studios. You will be joined in a magic world, where this will be the area for you to comfortably meet your needs. You can rob, murder, fight police … With new and exciting gameplay, the game will bring players the unique and exciting experience. Let’s learn about Dude Theft Wars for Android.

Dude Theft Wars mod 2

A worldwide

When participating in Dude Theft Wars for iOS, players will be engaged in a very large world. The task of the player is to do all the things they desire in this game. You can freely explore the map of the game, move and explore the new land of this world. Also, you will meet residents and major cities on the map of the game. You can perform murder or robbery; you can get a lot of money after performing these actions. This world is full of the police force; you need to be careful and avoid confronting the police when you do not have a weapon. If you have dangerous weapons, you do not have to be afraid of the scary police.

Dude Theft Wars mod 1

Dude Theft Wars for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The weapons system of the game is varied; you can buy a variety of weapons such as pistols, rifles, short guns … in the shop of the game. Each weapon has a unique strength, so you need to use weapons reasonably. Moreover, the game also has a lot of different means of transportation for players to explore. You can move very fast using cars, aeroplanes… These vehicles will help you to perform various tasks quickly. The game has many other unique features waiting for the player to experience and explore.

Dude Theft Wars mod

Beautiful graphic design

Download Dude Theft Wars: Open World Sandbox Simulator BETA owns the familiar pixel-style 3D graphic design. Characters and surroundings are displayed extremely sharp and beautiful. The effect of the character movement is very smooth. The sound of characters, vehicles, weapons are described very livelily and true.

Dude Theft Wars

You can download the game here

You are a GTA fan favourite, you will not be able to skip Dude Theft Wars. With unique gameplay, weapons systems and features are very diverse; graphic design is very beautiful. The game will give the player the most fun and comfortable feeling. You can download the game using the link at the bottom of the article.