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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: $1.99
  • File size: 87 MB
  • Date Updated: 31/08/2018

Duck Life: Battle is a very entertaining game, and this game has gained a lot of success after its launch in recent times. At about $2, players will have a lot of fun experiences that this game brings. However, many players are still skeptical about the appeal of this game. They want to try the game experience to see if it’s worth the money they spend. Therefore, has officially released the Lite version of this game called Duck Life: Battle Lite and it’s free. You can experience this fascinating game right now for free; if you’re already interested in this game, you can buy the full version and experience something new. Right now, we will learn about Duck Life: Battle Lite for iOS.

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Life of the ducks

Duck Life: Battle Lite Mod Money will take players to the world of ducks. Initially, you will be building your character. You can create your character style; the game allows players to edit their hair style, hair color, eye color, eye type … Create a unique character and join in. An exciting journey in this game. You will make an adventure on the map of the game to find powerful opponents; your opponent is the other ducks. You will have to fight and win to become the strongest. However, your character is quite weak, and you need to train for your character. The game provides players with the Training player mode, and you will be training your character in this mode to become stronger. With difficult exercises, your character will level up and become stronger. Now, you can meet other opponents to defeat them. Battle in the game takes place in turn; you will attack your opponent and then the attack from the enemy. The battle will end when one of the two characters is exhausted. You become stronger to defeat the strongest opponents easily.

Duck Life: Battle – A brand new duck adventure!

Your strength depends on the weapon; you earn a lot of money by winning the battle. The game offers players a variety of weapons, each with different strengths. Choose the weapon that best fits your battle style so you can win more. Of course, every player needs the most powerful weapons. You need to increase your level to be able to own these weapons.

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Fun graphics

This is a highly entertaining game; it also owns a very fun graphic design. Players will be impressed by the ducks in this game; you will feel more fun to see the fun activities of ducks. The graphics quality of the game is highly evaluated, but all details are displayed in a very clear way. The background music of the game will make the player feel much more fun.

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Overall, Duck Life: Battle Lite is a very entertaining game. It brings players the most comfortable moments with unique battles. You can find more fun experiences when playing the full version of this game.