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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 122 MB
  • Date Updated: 19/04/2018

Are you a fan of speed and adventure games? If you are looking for a game that can satisfy your tastes, we will introduce you to a game that is getting a lot of attention from the gaming community. It’s Driving Zone 2 for Android, a game developed by AveCreation and is a car racing game, featuring unique gameplay, beautiful graphics.

driving zone 2 1

How to play

In Driving Zone 2, there are many cars available for you to choose from: sedan, hatchback, sports car, …; You can also change some parts of the car such as steering wheel, wheel rim, wind tail, engine … To create the most realistic feeling for the players, even the interior of the car is also very detailed.

driving zone 2 3

To get points, you have to control the cars running at high speed and skillfully create adventurous situations by passing the cars in front of you. Also, the game has an interesting challenge for you is that you must try to escape from the police chase.

driving zone 2 2

When you play, you may encounter unexpected crossings in the city, dangerous and curving bends around the hills or straight highways with dense traffic. You will also be driving your car harder when travelling at high speeds covered with snow or ice. Otherwise, your car will be slippery and collide with cars in traffic on the road at any time. You can adjust or increase the density of vehicles on the road as you like to fit your steering.

driving zone 2 4

Driving Zone 2 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

In Driving Zone 2 for iOS, you can upgrade your car to better acceleration, increase the maximum speed of the car, increase the balance of the car, etc. This is like you are a professional car enthusiast. You can also change the interior and exterior of the car, so that your car becomes more beautiful, “seductive”, feels comfortable, excitement when playing. The engine in the game is engineered to create the same sound like a real-life car engine.

driving zone 2 5

Graphics – Sound

The in-game design is crisp and detailed, and even when playing, you can see the car behind through the rearview mirror and the car’s mirror. This will help you to drive your car more safely. One can not forget the second important factor that makes the game more interesting, which is the real sound that you can feel when playing the game.

driving zone 2


Driving Zone 2 Mod Money will satisfy any player as they play, the game is designed to fit all ages and gender. Do not hesitate any longer, download and install this game on your device right away, you can relieve the stress of playing it. You can access the link below provided by us to experience this game.

Note: OBB Cache games Driving Zone 2 MOD: unzip the archive into a folder of /sdcard/Android/obb/