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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 200 MB
  • Date Updated: 30/08/2019

If you’re a fan of speed games, you probably will not be able to skip this hugely popular Drift Max Pro game, which was released by developer Tiramisu. It is no coincidence that the game has reached over 1 million downloads from around the world, players highly appreciate the game and this game is no worse than any racing game on the market. The name of the game is Drift Max Pro Mod Money, coming to the game you can make the phase Drift level, true to detail, no different than professional racers in real life.

Download Drift Max Pro Apk Mod Money Latest for Android/iOS

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Drift Max Pro

As with traditional racing games, players always try to run as fast as they can and make every effort to get to the finish line. Drift Max Pro for Android gives players a whole new experience. You do not have to race against any opponent, the task of the game is that you have to make as much of the Drift phase as the faster the victory. But to do that is not simple, you always have to combine gas legs and brake pedals to be able to Drift continuously, this is also the most difficult thing of the game.

Drift Max Pro 3

With each segment, you will have to try to make great drift and just enough time to get to the finish. The more beautiful the drift, the more points you will receive. Fortunately, the game also has a relatively good scoring system to score points as well as recapture the new record you just created.

Not only does it have many super-class cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini … the game also offers a lot of different colours for each vehicle, players will have a lot of different colour options to suit their preferences. To get such super calibre, after each race, you will be rewarded with an amount corresponding to the point of the screen; you can choose and upgrade the car is or can wait for more. To buy super-expensive cars. Come to the game Drift Max Pro for iOS; players also experience a lot of different famous racing schools such as Tokyo, Spain or in Brazil … Feel like I’m a super race.

Drift Max Pro – Car Drifting Games Android/iOS Gameplay


Drift Max Pro 2

Perhaps you will be surprised with the extremely sharp 3D graphics of the game, it is no less the prominent racing game launched before. With skilled drift and collision, the graphics of the game always show authenticity. Along with the attractive audio system and subwoofer, or hundreds of meters of tires will make you extremely excited.


One thing that I like about this game is that after downloading and installing, you do not need to be connected to a network, you will not encounter any lag due to unstable gaming paths.