Dream Farm: Harvest Story is a farm development game and was released by the producer “Running & Surfing”. You will be managing a large farm and make your dream of getting rich, with a unique and engaging way of playing, the game will promise to bring you the most exciting and unique experience, we Let’s find out about Dream Farm: Harvest Story.

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How to play and features

At the start of Dream Farm: Harvest Story for Android, you will need to create a game account, which will allow you to save your play to the cloud for management. Then you will be designing your character; you can design the hair colour, eyes, face … of the character to your liking.

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Finally, you will join the game and be in possession of a large piece of land and a house to start enriching yourself. Initially, you will do the planting work on the land; you can buy different seeds in the store and start planting. You will have to water and fertilize the seeds so that they can grow fast, and you can harvest the fruits as soon as possible.

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Also, you also need to protect your garden from pests and thieves, which will cause great damage to you when you are not alert and alert. Your farm will not only have a garden; you will have a farmer to raise animals such as chickens, pigs, cows … You will take care of these animals every day so that they grow up and Give your products like eggs, milk, meat … You will use different types of products that you harvest to sell for money; you use the money to buy more land for your farm and business expansion.

Dream Farm: Harvest Story Android iOS Gameplay

Also, you can use the money to buy new clothes and change the style of your character; your character will become much more lovely and cute. The game can connect online; players can invite friends to play with or play with other players across the globe. You can visit other players’ houses to learn how to grow or steal some of the products.

Graphics and sound

Dream Farm: Harvest Story Mod Money owns the 3D animated cartoon style. Characters and animals in the game are shown in a very adorable cartoon style, and close to the player, your farm and surroundings are shown very nice and sharp. The sound in the game makes the game fun and attractive.

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You will own a large farm and realize your dream of becoming rich in the game Dream Farm: Harvest Story for iOS. With fun graphic and sound design, varied features, rich pet systems and plants, online play modes. You will not be able to miss this game when you are a farm game developer; you can download the game using the link below the article.