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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: 24/11/2018

How to train Dragon is a popular animated film produced by DreamWorks Animation. Aside from the movie, many games are produced with some related content. Relevant games of different genres to experience and the genre most people are interested in is match-3. So Ludia Inc manufacturer has released a match-3 game called Dragons: Titan Uprising. The game is a series of fun puzzles to help you and the people discover many of the story and interesting information on How to train Dragon.

Impressive content

dragons titan uprising 1

Experience Dragons: Titan Uprising for iOS and discover many fun with Hiccup and Toothless in the fight against the evil Dragonroot power to protect Berk island and everyone. Unite people and powerful dragons to overcome the obstacles on the road against the evil forces. Explore the mysterious dungeons, free the captured dragons and collect many powerful and mysterious dragons. Create a lineup of the most powerful dragons to overcome the complex puzzles in this fascinating game.

dragons titan uprising 2

Many complex but fascinating puzzles

The game contains interesting quizzes in addition to the intense fighting scenes; you need to complete the quiz in the game to be allowed to attack and destroy the enemy. The game is organized according to the rules of the content match-3 simple but combined with attractive fighting style. You will have the opportunity to attack the enemy while solving the complex puzzle of the game. Also, you can collect and unlock different types of dragons, overcome the challenges of the game and increase the number of your dragon eggs. Take care, train and evolve so that your dragons are the strongest.

Dragons: Titan Uprising for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The game is a combination of puzzles and exciting action, so you need to plan and operate properly. Arrange the blocks in the game with the same color in horizontal or vertical order to raise the score and create the opportunity to attack the enemy for your dragon. Create exciting attacking methods with various dragons, confronting over 100 special dragons of the game to challenge yourself. More than 750 intense and epic battles will take place in this exciting game. Fight the wise to destroy the enemy and overcome the puzzle of the game to receive a more rewarding reward.

dragons titan uprising 3


The game has beautiful graphics and lots of interesting details; the game is based on many attractive images of How to train Dragon. The game has good image quality, although the interface is simple, but the game still makes the player happy and excited. The shape and color of the game are very prominent, making the game more attractive to the beautiful dragon and powerful.

dragons titan uprising 4


Dragons: Titan Uprising is the latest in match-3 category in the mobile game market. So this will be a great experience for everyone. The game combines intelligence and action with great fun, the game will make you happier and will not feel bored. The game is suitable for all ages because of the content and pictures beautiful and healthy.