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Dragons are always one of the most mysterious creatures and have great significance for humans, so game makers have used dragons to create a variety of attractive games. Recently, such a game was released as Dragon Village M. The game was produced by Perple Lab. Development Inc. This can be considered a super game and is comparable to other games of the same genre as Dragon City. Download Dragon Village M has made a lot of success in the Korean in 2017 and received a lot of positive feedback from players. Let’s take a look at to find out what the game looks like and why it’s so successful.

Dragon Village M Apk v1.1.0 Mod Unlimited for Android/iOS

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RPG style in game

Dragon Village M for Android allows you to own a collection of dragons with countless unique creatures. You can control these dragons as you like. Let your dragon join in the fierce battle, burning everything in your path towards victory. The game has a lot of modes for you to choose such as PvP, PvE, Clan … Each mode has many attractive features are waiting for you to explore.

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What you need to do in the game is to feed your little dragons so that they become a fierce and vicious warrior. This will bring you a lot of fun. Dragon Village M for iOS has over 300 different species of dragons for you to choose. Try to get as many species as possible because they have different strengths; you need to know how to combine them in a battle to create an advantage.

Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M APK MOD Full for Android

Graphics and attractive features

Dragon Village M Mod gives you lots of different battles. Passing it all, you will get a lot of bonuses, gems and diamonds. They are very useful to upgrade your dragons later, so try to collect as much as possible. At the next levels, your opponents are hard to beat. So, you need to prepare thoroughly before the battle. The game is divided into many different parts; you have to explore each one slowly. This will take time if you want to conquer all challenges in the game.

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The higher the difficulty, the higher the level, after each screen you will be given 1, 2 and 3 stars depending on the level of completed tasks. There are a few items, and some types of dragons require you to buy in cash. In addition to the power of dragons, you need to apply the tactics for each match.

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The dragons will follow your direction, so you need to choose the direction for it, calculate and use its skills. Besides the attractive gameplay, the game also has eye-catching graphics. Each dragon was designed meticulously and lively. You will be impressed by them in the game.

General comment

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Dragon Village M is a great RPG game. You will own unique dragon collections that can only appear in the dream. You will also enjoy and engage in fierce fighting. You can download the game by visiting the link below.