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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 19/04/2018

Today, we will introduce you a game is a lot of people enjoy. It’s Dragon Knights, read the name of the game, you are wondering, why this game is more people choose? We will tell you the answer, other than the story, the movie you’ve heard or seen before. In films, the dragon is always a scary animal, as big as a building, with wings like a bat but a thousand times bigger, the whole body covered with a hard, owning the claws and sharp teeth, they can spray fire from the mouth, … The game was developed by Nexon; especially the game developers do not give out information about the release date.

dragon knights 6

Version information

When playing Dragon Knights for Android, you will realize that it looks like a game that you have played before. It’s Dai Shingeki, an RPG and a game that many people love when they release, but the game has withdrawn from the market in 2016. Currently, the new Dragon Knights appear to have quickly received the sympathy of the gaming community.

dragon knights 1

How to play

It is your task to fight the giant dragons, if you have ever played Dai Shingeki, then you have had a lot of experience. But even if you have not played it yet, Dragon Knights for iOS are very simple and easy to understand; After each war, the rewards that you gain are the Dragon Ball, you can use Dragon Ball to upgrade the Dragon Rider to a new level. In a battle, your team will have a maximum of 4 members; Fighting with your teammates will be an advantage if you know how to combine with your teammates to make the right tactics. Because, they can help you recover health, increase attack power for you, protect you with the same items and attack the enemy. Note: In co-op mode, you can cooperate and combine with other players to create a strong team.

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Items in the game

Dragon Knights APK Download have a huge variety of items, including a variety of weapons such as shields, guards, sticks, spears, armour, jewellery, and more. Other supporting items are dragon balls, dragons in various shapes and abilities, and nearly 2500 powerful and aggressive dragons. The costumes of the characters are varied, so you can freely choose the outfits for your character in the style you want. You can use diamonds to buy weapons, armour, advanced jewellery.

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Graphics – sound

Characters created in chibi style are very funny, but that does not detract from the majesty of a dragon knight. In addition to the sound of the game, the sound is an important factor to make the game more interesting and attractive.

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After the experience, we found that the images, content, sounds in the game were carefully designed, so the game is suitable for all ages and gender. The game is being designed to be playable on iOS, the game has not yet been released, but you can visit the link below that we offer for pre-registration. (When the game is released, you will receive many attractive gifts.)