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  • Platforms: Android 4 iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: $2.99
  • File size: 62 MB
  • Date Updated: 24/07/2019

Dragon Hills has achieved a lot of great success in the short time launch. The game is fast loved by many gamers. That’s why the game’s developers – Dragon Hills Rebel Twins – have just released their next version of the game called Dragon Hills 2 for Android. The game is inherited full of the most interesting of the previous version and also added a lot of attractive features.

Interesting story

dragon hills 2 1

Download Dragon Hills 2 makes you think it has a fairy tale like the previous version. Then you are wrong? The story revolves around two main characters are the princess and prince handsome. One day, the princess is kidnapped and imprisoned by an extremely dangerous Salamander. At this time, the prince decided to rescue his princess. But the story is not so simple. He did not save the princess, he did not control his greed and stole all the gold in the castle of the tyrant. Salamander too angry for this action. He did not kill the princess, then rode on the dragon to find the prince.

dragon hills 2 2

Interesting gameplay

Dragon Hills 2 Mod Money offers players a wide variety of scenarios. Also, you will see the game’s control system is completely refreshing and also tasks. You just need to stroke the dragon to control it flying to the position you desire. The princess also rode on the dragon, and she would stop every other dragon blocking the way.

dragon hills 2 3

Also, there are many attractive gifts on the way so take advantage of every opportunity and pick them up. They will give you many attractive rewards such as gold, equipment… You can use the money earned to upgrade weapons.

Dragon Hills 2 APK Mod Money for Android

Graphics and sound in the game

Dragon Hills 2 for iOS is aimed at young people so the graphics in the game are designed with a fun and fun cartoon style. You will see the dragon in the game is set very cute. You will love these dragons only in the first encounter.

dragon hills 2 4

The color in the game is also very bright, so you will feel very comfortable playing the game. Also, the sound in the game is described very sincerely and fun. The smallest sound in the game is meticulously made by the manufacturer. You will have the best experience with Dragon Hills 2 APK Mod.

General comment

dragon hills 2 5

Dragon Hills 2 is a fun game and is perfect for those who are looking for a game to entertain after hours of hard work. The game is a lot of players appreciate on the app store. The game costs $ 2.99 on the App Store and Google Play. Have fun playing the game!