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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 181 MB
  • Date Updated: 13/03/2018

The famous movie Game of Thrones is taken place in a world with bloody and devastating wars of different races. The dragons in this movie also left the viewers unforgettable impression; they helped the tribes fight the each other and create the advantage on the battlefield. The dragon in Game of Thrones has become an excellent idea for Ankama developers to design the game called Drag’n’Boom.

Plot and gameplay

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You will return to the past in medieval Europe, where there are many castles and man-made cities. You will play as a low-level fire dragon, ordered by the Khaleesi dragon to attack and destroy the fortress of man. You need to control the flying dragon and fire to destroy the fortress and witches or soldiers guarding the fortress. You need to collect gold coins on your way and dodge the opponent’s attacks or traps.

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The higher the level of difficulty, the more you must focus and control precisely to avoid being hit by the enemy. There are 50 levels of difficulty for the players to pass, Endless Mode has unlimited time and unlimited enemy, so you need to get the highest score. You can upgrade your skills or equip different weapons for your dragon. You can upgrade and use Fireball skills to explode when touching objects or using long-range artillery shells.

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Download Drag’n’Boom APK Mod for Android

Drag’n’Boom Mod Money has an easy way to control your character by swiping the screen with a finger to move. When playing Drag’n’Boom, you also need to skillfully control and perform combos to knock down enemies fastest and to score higher. You can use the slow motion feature to manipulate your opponent accurately or pass the trap easier, which can help players easily overcome the higher difficulty levels.

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Graphics and sound

Drag’n’Boom for iOS is designed with simple 2D graphics, images of dragons and enemies look pretty fun and playful. The sound of the game is not so prominent. You will be happy with the simple but fun graphics and lively sound system.

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If you love fun and entertaining games, you can download Drag’n’Boom for Android. The game will bring you the most fun and exciting experience. You can download the game at the link below.