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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
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  • File size: 300 MB
  • Date Updated: 31/01/2018

If you are a speed enthusiast and enjoy dramatic racing games, you will find games such as Asphalt 8, Need for speed … However, some players are feeling boring. These games have been around for quite some time in the mobile gaming market. Today, we will introduce the game Drag Sim 2018 to everyone, this is a new game released, and there are many interesting things to explore.

Download Drag Sim 2018 Apk 1.0.5 Mod

Drag Sim 2018 2

Download Drag Sim 2018 is released by Ovidiu Pop on both Android and iOS with stunning 3D graphics. This is really an impressive game and brings a new experience to the players. It was only available on Google Play on January 25, but the game had 500,000 downloads and 5,000 positive reviews.

Dramatic races

Coming to Drag Sim 2018 Apk Mod, you will be engaged in a fierce race. There, only speed is your passion and speed will help you win. There are many different models that you can choose from and participate in the race; each car will have different speed and design.

Drag Sim 2018 3

The thing that I like the most in Drag Sim 2018 Apk is that it has a first-person perspective from the racers, which is a really interesting experience for the players. At the start of the race, you’ll feel the speed and tension behind the steering wheel, coupled with the roar of the supercar, will make you look like you are in a real race.

Drag Sim 2018 1

In addition, you can also upgrade your car or buy extra expensive cars in the game store. To do this, you need to win the race, Drag Sim 2018 Mod also allows you to buy items in the store in cash. If you want your car to be strong without having much time, you can buy it in cash.

Drag Sim 2018 – Ovilex iOS/Android Gameplay HD (BMW 3 Series vs Audi A4) 60FPS

Control system

Controlling a car with a first view on the phone is very difficult. For the car to reach its first destination, you need a flexible combination of the steering wheel and gas pedal. There will be dangerous paths or obstacles for you.

Vehicle system diversity

Drag Sim 2018 will give you 70 different car models for you to choose from, win the race to unlock the car and be able to experience it. You will be surprised and enjoy the supercar in Drag Sim 2018; there are many models from the famous brands such as Ferrari, Audi, Lamborghini … Control the supercar in The race is always a fun experience

High-end graphics

Drag Sim 2018 4

It can be said that the current racing games in the mobile gaming market have great graphics. Drag Sim 2018 for Android is also equipped with a beautiful 3D design, the car is designed in detail and very practical. Also, Drag Sim 2018 allows you to customize image quality and a display mode to optimize your phone. If you have a low-profile phone, you can tweak the graphics down to make the device more stable.

Join the race now

Drag Sim 2018 for iOS will not disappoint you with gameplay and graphics; this is a game that you should not be ignored during this time. If you are interested in Drag Sim 2018, you can download games for both Android and iOS operating systems under the link below.