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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 200 MB
  • Date Updated: 19/03/2018

Elyland recently launched an adventure game in early 2018. This game is called Draconius Go: Catch a Dragon. After only a short time, the game has received a lot of positive reviews from the players. You can now download games on both iOS and Android. Let’s find out why the game was so successful in the gaming market through the article below!

Draconius Go: Catch a Dragon! APK Mod Unlimited Coins

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About Draconius GO: Catch a Dragon!

You’ve loved the popular Japanese cartoon: Pokemon and myths about occult creatures only appear in legends. You are the dreamer of winged horses, dragons, unicorn, mermaid … Then I believe that you will definitely like Draconius GO: Catch a Dragon! Just like me. You can own these legendary creatures and even transform them into your pets. The game will bring you to explore the great land around the world. You have the task of looking for these creatures, taking care of them and training them to gain extraordinary powers. One day, you can ride them to fly in the air and explore more new lands. You are ready to enter the world of Draconius GO: Catch a Dragon for Android is not. Let’s explore this world now!

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Attractive features in the game

– Functions in Draconius Go: Catch a Dragon Mod Coins are constantly updated, and it allows you to have new experiences in the game. You will find a lot of special creatures and great value.
– Learn the biggest creatures in the world and only in the legend.
– At level 7, you can unlock many new spells and can use it to fight other players.
– PvP mode allows you to fight with other players around the world.
– Easily find out about the creatures in the game by accessing the huge library in the game.
– You need to be careful of the sudden attacks of other wildlife.
– Open treasure chests with attractive rewards.

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Download Draconius GO for Android

General comment

Download Draconius GO: Catch a Dragon Unlimited Coins is a very interesting game that you should not ignore. Come to the game; you will be an adventure in an ancient world full of mysteries. Certainly, this will satisfy those who love to explore and love the occult. You can download the game by visiting the link below. Have fun playing the game!