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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • File size: 500 MB
  • Date Updated: 22/03/2018

The game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is actually creating a fever in the computer game market with a fascinating and exciting gameplay. However, not everyone can experience this game on the computer, because this game requires a very high configuration computer to play. Fortunately, NetEase Games publisher has released the game Rules of Survival, dubbed the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile version. As one of the first PUBG-like mobile versions, Rules of Survival for Android is highly rated by gamers, with over 50 million downloads on Google Play, a horrendous number that many game developers dream of. Let’s take a look at this very hot game with Piepure.Com

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The first version of Rules of Survival Apk was named Terminator 2 by NetEase Games developed specifically for the Chinese market and is also considered a test version of the game. Fortunately, after that time, the operator from China has renamed and launched the international version of Rules of Survival for iOS. With the English version, the game has brought success beyond expectations for the publisher


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Come to the game Rules of Survival, you will be accompanied by 119 people to be taken to a large island and deserted uninhabited, fierce survival awaits you in front. Take advantage of the terrain and everything found on the island to try to become the last survivor


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Immediately after leaving the plane and parachuting to the island, the battle will officially begin, with just one set of clothes, you will have to try to find every corner in the house, factory, military zone. To equip yourself with weapons and armour to become stronger. There will be a lot of weapons and equipment needed for you to choose from, but it is not always easy to find good weapons the newest on the island.

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However, good equipment is not everything, to win and become the last survivor, you need to move smart, combined with tactical experience. Enemies can appear anywhere from any direction, be alert and watch out in all directions before deciding to move to another location. There is a safer way of moving than you can find and drive the cars, but if you hit too many bullets, the car can explode at any time and of course your fate like a car. Rules of Survival also offers the same team play mode as the PUBG game. With this mode, you will be with three friends and then set up a team and fight against other teams, just one last survivor will win your team.

Rules of Survival Awesome GamePlay


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Rules of Survival Apk is a mobile version of the PUBG game, but this is a beautiful graphics game. The map of the Rules of Survival is very wide and diverse, with many different terrains such as rocky mountains, coastlines, trees, buildings … and everything is done in great detail. I was very impressed with the physical movements of the game, such as wind direction, character movements, and shooting range. This is really a fun experience that the game gives gamers


Rules of Survival is not so different from PC PUBG, if you are passionate about survival games and want to experience it on your mobile phone then download this game on both operating systems Android and iOS. We provide the path below to download and install this game