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  • Date Updated: 25/03/2018

Nowadays, the games of the few genres and survival are very hot in the mobile game arena. There are many different games of the same genre that survive, making the player have too many choices and do not know what game experience. We are pleased to present you the game Knives Out by NetEase Games release; the game is available on both Android and IOS operating system by the end of 2017. Although it only appears about a month But the game has reached 10 million downloads on the Google Play, debuted late in the game of the same genre, but Knives Out Apk Mod is showing that this is a game worth to experience.

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According to the publisher NetEase Games, Knives Out for Android is the twins with the game Rules of Survival was released before. Knives Out for iOS was released exclusively at the Chinese market, players around the world could not experience it. Shortly after that, NetEase Games launched a worldwide version for people around the world to experience.


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You will be playing a character in the game; each game will have a maximum of 100 players. Once connected to the game, you will be joined by the remaining 99 people to fly and parachute in a 6.4 km2. Immediately after the parachute leaves the aircraft, the battle will begin, with 100 players struggling to move and destroy the remaining players to become the last survivor.


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Knives Out are not much different than the other games of this genre; if you have ever seen or played the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game, you will feel familiar and not difficult to get used to. To win the game, you will have to find everything in the house, factory, barracks … to survive.

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There are many different weapons such as machine guns, hammers, armour, hats and clothes … to help you become the last survivor. In particular, the game also has the weapon of humour, which is the pan, this is a very interesting. Try to take advantage of the things you pick up to fight your opponent.

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The game Knives Out also offers two different game modes very interesting. In the one-on-one mode, you’ll have to kill your opponents on the way and become the last survivor to win. The most interesting mode is team play, you and your friends can become a team of four and fight to beat other teams, there will be many interesting things in this mode so you can experience.

Review/Download Knives Out APK for Android/iOS


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It can be said that this is a game with great graphics, all shapes like trees, mountains, roads, motorcycles, cars are designed in detail and true. Download Knives Out have a virtual on-screen keyboard system that is well-written by the publisher of NetEase Games. The conditions in the game are very similar in real life, from the wind, the physical force, the shooting range and the physical moves are very real, giving the player a very real experience.


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If you love survival games and do not have the time to experience PUBG on PC, then this is the best option. Knives Out has a lot of strengths: beautiful graphics, realistic and varied gameplay, great games for you to download and experience. To experience this exciting game, you can install it on the link below.