• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 2.3 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 131.7 MB
  • Date Updated: 16/03/2018

An exciting new sports game from the famous Voodoo publisher released on March 15, 2018. It’s Donuts Drift, join this game, you will experience with your car to pass obstacles. The game is currently available at the App Store with a download size of 131.7 MB. Get great support from the players around the world; Donuts Drift promises to give you great moments of relaxation. Let’s find out more about this fascinating game in the article below.

Donuts Drift APK Mod Remove Ads

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Donuts Drift – An addictive racing game

Donuts Drift for Android has a simple style of spin around special circles. Voodoo game makers often create a lot of racing games, which are supported by a lot of people. Former racing games often have fast and powerful races, and with Donuts Drift you need to be clever because your car is difficult to control.

An exciting drift racing game

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Join the game; you first need to be familiar with controlling your car, perform round drifting and eat the coins appearing on the way. The first steps seem very easy with the player, but the further away the speed of the car will be faster, the drift time is also faster. You will lose when playing you do not make a drift to get the bonus amount.

Control System in Donuts Drift

Donuts Drift for iOS is a game for iOS, powered by a Voodoo maker that lets you play more easily. Simple to play, just touch the screen, move your finger in a circular motion, let your car drift as you like. Donuts Drift is very easy to play.

Does Donuts Drift have ads while playing?

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Voodoo games are often very simple but always have a strong appeal. Therefore, these games often appear ads. If you are a support person to add incentives to the manufacturer, click on the ad. If you find distractions, you can turn off the internet connection, wifi, 3g or 4g, ads will not appear anymore. Or you can also take charge to remove ads in the game.

Donuts Drift APK – Games racing Drift strongly of Voodoo

Graphics in the game

Donuts Drift Mod Remove Ads is a nice 2D graphics game and impressive. The in-game image is light, simple but still shows the details of the game such as cars, coins or circles. The game also has a very lively sound system. The moving sound of the car will bring you a relaxing and attractive feeling.


Donuts Drift is a racing game with very simple but very interesting gameplay. Currently, the game is getting a lot of support from the gaming community in the world. To easily install Donuts Drift on your device. Click on the link below.