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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 30/03/2018

Today, we will introduce you a new game called Dolls Order. This is a very engaging action game from Japan. Dolls Order is produced by two major game companies namely gumi Inc and Wei β. Immediately after release, the game was a lot of gamers love. Let’s find out about this fascinating game.

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In the world of Dolls Order for Android, it is a very beautiful and peaceful world. A mad king named Arthur has used his special powers to take over and rule this beautiful world. Famine, disease, war are everywhere. The Doll Warriors have appeared, they are the ones who will rescue the world from Arthur’s wicked hands, with his magic and fighting skills. These warriors will bring light and peace to the world once again.

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How to play

The game has a very fast beat. Each battle takes place in a flashy and fierce way. At the start of the game, you will be selecting your character. The beautiful goddess girls are waiting for you to choose and show their strength. After selecting your character, you will take your girls to work on the difficult tasks in the script. Each mission is a difficult level; you will have to face the enemy’s Dolls, they have the power can be equal to you. You need to control your character to move and attack properly to accomplish the task in the best way. At higher difficulty levels, enemies will be much stronger, so you need to have more skills to win.

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After each battle, you will receive items and experience points. You use experience points to increase the level and upgrade skills for the character. You use the items you receive to upgrade your character’s equipment. Your girls will become stronger after every dramatic battle. The game has a very fast pace. Each battle is flashy and intense. So, the character control system of the game is also designed very intuitive and easy to use. You control the direction of the character’s movement with the virtual key below the left corner of the screen. You use normal attacks and character skills with the virtual keys in the right corner of the screen. This control system will help players adapt faster, because of familiarity and good design.

Dolls Order APK Download for Android

The character system in the game is also very diverse; there are quite a lot of characters for you to choose from. You need to unlock new characters to own their power. Each character has unique skills and is suitable for each enemy. The game has a star system. The character has many stars; the character is stronger. You will have to find new ways to unlock new girls and have more stars. They will make your battles easier. Also, the game also has PvP mode, which allows players to connect and compete with other players around the world.

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Graphics and sound

Dolls Order for iOS is designed with a great 3D graphics system. Picture design in the Anime game, the girls look very beautiful and charming. The design of the environment in the game is very detailed and clear. The sound of the character is also the great investment. The presence of top seiyuu in the Japanese Anime industry such as Ai Kayano and Rei Kugimiya.


You are a fan of Japanese Anime games. You will not be able to skip Dolls Order APK Mod. The game has an intriguing plot, simple character controls, a diverse character system, rich gameplay features, graphic design and sound quality. The game will bring you the unique and exciting experience. Currently, the game only supports the Japanese language; you will have difficulty playing. You can download Dolls Order using the link below the article.