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  • Platforms: Android 2.3 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 140 MB
  • Date Updated: 03/02/2018

Download Diggy’s Adventure is a simple and very interesting top-down game. If you have ever played action and adventure games like Boom, Bomberman … then this game is very familiar.

Download Diggy’s Adventure Apk v1.3.79 Mod Gold/Diamond


Diggy’s Adventure Mod Gold is published by Pixel Federation on both Android and iOS. Although only released in early 2018, the game has quickly gained positive reviews from players. The game has quickly reached 10 million downloads and 216 thousand reviews on Google Play. Let’s find out about this game.


The game takes place from the Great Pyramids of Egypt. There are many graves and traps in the resting place of the famous Pharaoh king. Coming to Diggy’s Adventure Mod Diamond, you’ll be fortunate to be an explorer named Diggy. Besides, you will have two colleagues as Professor Rusty and Linda. Join with these two beautiful professors to discover the mysteries of ancient Egyptian civilization. The mysteries have been hidden for millions of years without explanation, so wonderful to discover these mysteries.


The kings had previously devised many of the pitfalls in their tomb to avoid thieves of evil intentions. As an adventurer, you must explore these tombs filled with traps. Of course, that is not easy; the pitfalls will be everywhere, you have to be careful if you do not want to be trapped.

Diggy’s Adventure Apk Mod offers players 500 different labyrinths for you to explore, each labyrinth corresponding to one level. At higher levels, more traps will occur. To overcome these maze, you need to answer the puzzles and manipulate your intelligence to win the game. The maze will not be easy to pass; you can take up to dozens of turns to decode a maze.


Pitfalls of the game are extremely dangerous, it can appear in places where you do not think. It consists of many types of poisonous snakes, flamethrowers, poisonous spiders … you must be very careful to overcome each trap. However, the pitfalls are the key to getting you out of the maze. Your intelligence will be used a lot to overcome these pitfalls.

One interesting thing about this game is that you can find the treasures precious, you will be offered a hammer. If you are lucky, you can find the hidden treasure. Each time you use the hammer, you lose energy, so consider every use.

Also, you will experience the new land like China, Scandinavia … there are many interesting things waiting for you in front. For each location you go through, Diggy’s Adventure Mod will provide legendary stories of that place.

Download Diggy’s Adventure – Mod Unlimited Coins Android/iOS

Simple graphics

The game focuses a lot on the plot and interesting gameplay. So, the graphics of the game are very simple 2D design. However, the game will still provide a great experience with adventures.


diggys adventure

This is a very interesting game with many ancient images; you will not have to regret when experiencing the game. We provided a link below for you to download and install for both Android and iOS.