• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 145 MB
  • Date Updated: 26/04/2018

Dicemancers is a game that brings you many great adventures and battles. Your task is to control the heroes and to create tactics and agility to overcome all challenges. The game happens quite fastly, that is suitable for players who need relaxation after stressful working hours. Dicemancers is produced by the famous publisher Reality Squared Games, launched on April 16, 2018, and is being sold on the google play store. If you are interested in this game, find out more in our article below.

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Dicemancers – Demonstrates your agility skills and intelligence

Joining Dicemancers for Android, you will control a hero who possesses unique skills. When participating in the battle with your opponent, you will learn a lot of experience, use items to fight monsters. After each match, you will receive rewards and collect attractive items. The battles in this game help players feel like they are participating in the story of their own attractive RPG.

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Dicemancers for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Dicemancers APK Download helps you to participate in battles with your friends or other players around the world. Show yourself as a player with perfect skills and good tactics to be able to win in every fight.

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Main features of the game

– Play the role of Heroes
– Participate in major campaigns
– The level of play is varied and challenging
– The game is fast, only one person can win
– Very creative, develop your character in your own way
– Manage dice cards reasonably
– Unlock the heroes and new cards
– Customise your arsenal
– Fighting in RPG
– Monster system is diverse
– Collect items, gain experience and level up heroes
– PvP mode is competitive with other players

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Graphics and sound

Dicemancers owns extremely great graphic designs; the images are very detailed and crisp. Besides, the sound system is vibrant, giving the players the best experience.

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Overall, Dicemancers APK Mod is an exciting adventure role-playing game that is receiving a lot of support from players around the world. Join the game and show yourself as an outstanding player by overcoming all challenges. Currently, the game is being supported on the Android operating system. For easy installation, please click on the link below. Wish you have a great experience.