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  • Platforms: iOS 10.0 or later
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  • File size: 131.8 MB
  • Date Updated: 10/03/2018

The game of football is always a lot of players pay attention, this is considered the king sport is a lot of people love. In today’s game market, there are many games that simulate football games like Fifa 18, Pes… these games are famous and have a top graphic design. However, these games have appeared for a long time and can make players feel bored. Do not worry, today we will introduce you to the game Dice Soccer City simulate football games in a very unique and fun way.

Dice Soccer City APK Mod Cash for Android/iOS

Dice Soccer City 3

Download Dice Soccer City is released by Lamb Damu Pte on the iOS operating system with a capacity of 131.8 MB. Unfortunately, the game has not yet been distributed on the Android operating system, but the OS’s players will have to wait a bit longer to experience this fun game.


Dice Soccer City 2

Coming to Dice Soccer City APK Mod, you will be taken to a small planet in space and away from Earth. Alliance of planets in the universe is launching the soccer contest, the participating teams will be selected from different planets. The head of the planet organizes contests to recruit good players and set up teams to play against other planets. You will be playing a villain named Rusty Bicyclovvski, who is a cyclist and has the skills to be a good player. Help Rusty Bicyclovvski become a famous player and beat other teams.

Interesting gameplay

Dice Soccer City 1

Your task in the game is to fight other teams from distant planets. To do that, you need to participate in small matches to confirm your talent. At every match, your moves will be decided by dice. If you are lucky, you can score big and pass the ball over the opponent. Conversely, if you turn to low scores, you can be hit by opponents and make counterattacks that make it easy for you to lose. However, each team will have a final stop point as a talented goalkeeper provided by the game. You have to adjust and make accurate shots to bring the ball into the net and beyond the reach of the opposing goalkeeper.

Dice Soccer City

After the exciting matches, you will receive many rewards and scores to be able to expand your planet. From there, you can recruit more people to join the team. Specifically, Dice Soccer City for iOS offers up to 75 different characters that you can collect such as Butcher, Baker, Postman, etc. The characters will be coming up gradually and you have to win a lot to unlock those next character.

Dice Soccer City iOS Android Gameplay

Funny graphics

Dice Soccer City APK Download has a very funny 2D design, the images are not so sharp but just enough for the players to experience intense matches. If you have ever played classic games on 8-bit graphics, then you will definitely see the image of this game very familiar. Along with that, the music system of the game is the classical music to help players have more exciting experience

If you feel comfortable with the reviews then you can download and install the game for iOS under the link below. Join the fun football games to become the top stars. Have fun playing the game!