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  • Date Updated: 24/12/2018

The current trend of mobile games is RPG. This is one that many players are interested in. If you are a fan of the RPG genre and love the immersive challenges? Devil Crasher is a game that you must experience right now; the game is released by FourThirtyThree Inc. This is a very famous producer with many role-playing games in the mobile game market.

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An impressive RPG game

Devil Crasher for iOS is a role-playing game and battle system built under the turn-based genre. You will have to collect and arrange a team of different characters to fight. You will experience intense battles to train and create a strong fighting team. As a turn-based game, the strategic element is very important. With many attractive elements like role-playing and strategy and turn-based, you will love this game.

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The game has excellent image quality and beautiful 3D graphics. The characters of the game are built in cartoon style with many lovely images. The character effects are very sophisticatedly designed with beautiful colors and impressive images. The scientific control and interface system provide easy and simple control when experiencing. When fighting, the imaging system will explode with lots of attractive details, and it will make you satisfied.

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System features

Devil Crasher APK Mod brings many interesting missions and combat activities for players to experience. You will have to collect many characters and train them into powerful warriors. With a diverse mission system, you will be able to explore many different lands. Completing missions or events will help you get many valuable rewards. These rewards will help you collect and create a strong fighting team quickly. Therefore, you need to regularly perform tasks and participate in major events of the game.

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Besides training characters, you need to have a wise strategy when fighting. To have a wise strategy, the most important thing you need to get is information. Understanding the power and abilities of each character will help you get a good strategy when fighting. Always give different plans when fighting to surprise enemies and make them fail. In PVP mode, knowing the fighting ability of each character will help you gain many advantages when competing.

Devil Crasher for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Characters and equipment

To provide intense and exciting battles, the manufacturer has designed many different characters. These characters will help make the experience more enjoyable. Each character will have its advantages and disadvantages, so you need to know the information of each character when using. When fighting, each character will have a special fighting skill. You can only use this skill when you meet the game’s essential requirements.

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Besides collecting and using characters, players will have to search and create various equipment for the characters to use. This equipment will help your character get better fighting ability. Therefore, for your team to be able to fight the best you need to equip your character. Also, you can upgrade equipment by combining materials. Upgrading equipment is an important task, so you need to calculate wisely before acting


You will get a unique experience and get connected to many people around the world when you participate in Devil Crasher. Quickly join the fight to discover many exciting features and share interesting stories with friends.