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  • Date Updated: 06/02/2018

Are you a fan of Shark Tank? Do you dream of owning a successful start-up company in the future? So you sure you cannot miss Dev Tycoon game. This is a very interesting business strategy game, especially those who have business passion. Come to the game; you will be mastered the advanced technology and the world’s leading companies.

Download Dev Tycoon Apk v1.2.1 Mod Full


Own your own big companies

Download Dev Tycoon was inspired by the technological revolution of the 1980s when science and technology developed miraculously. There are many established technology companies. Game maker Greenheart Games has brought to the gaming community a very interesting business strategy game. Do you want to be a successful entrepreneur? Take the game Dev Tycoon to experience.


Coming to Dev Tycoon Mod Full, you will become a guy who starts developing your company. At this point, you almost have nothing in hand. The only things you have is a desk, a computer, a bookcase and some miscellaneous things in a cramped room. Use your talent and intelligence to make money. Then you need to start planning your own business.


There are so many topics to choose from. You can develop company types like a design, application development and game creation. Besides, you can also participate in researching new technologies. It will be difficult at first because you do not have high-quality products. This makes your reputation as well as your money very limited. But do not be discouraged, as you will be creating quality products, the media and the media will pay close attention to you. Now is the time to become a successful person.


Only a short time later, your company will have a lot of contracts. Therefore, you will need to find talented people about the company, renting out larger locations to produce more goods. You need to know how to choose the right employees for your company. When there are many employees, you will pay them. Therefore, you also need to have a reasonable spending plan to pay your employees monthly wages.

Extend the workplace

The workplace is one of the most important things in the development of your company. You need to hire large offices to have the best workplace. Also, you can also buy labs to create secret products. Besides, you can decorate your workplace by buying decorative art items. To grow your business, you should advertise it to more people. This helps your company get bigger deals.

Game Dev Tycoon APK – Simulation Game for Android/iOS

Impressive 3D graphics

Dev Tycoon for Android has the graphics that make me so impressed. The in-game image is designed with top-quality 3D technology, along with a cute and eye-catching animation style that gives players the best possible experience. The actions of the character in the game are also very cute and lovely.

game dev tycoon

The game has support for both iOS and Android operating systems. The game also has a very detailed tutorial system so you can quickly get acquainted. In my opinion, this is a great game for those who love business.

General comment

The game is suitable for all ages. Anyone can play and love Dev Tycoon for iOS. Currently, you can buy games for $ 4.99 in the app marketplace. Alternatively, you can download the game via the link below.