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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 98 MB
  • Date Updated: 11/04/2018

Detective Driver: Miami Files is an exciting game that has received a lot of attention in the gaming market today. In a peaceful city, there is the existence of social criminals. Players will play the role of a detective; you are entitled to investigate and capture the criminals in this city. The game offers you vehicles like cars, planes or yachts to do the quests. The game was released on March 23, 2018, and is currently on sale on the Google Play store for Android. If you are curious about this game, read our detailed article below.

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The gameplay

Participating in the game, the player becomes a spy and performs crime-prevention tasks. The main vehicles for you such as classic sports cars or an SUV … There are special missions; players will be on duty on large planes and yachts to against more dangerous criminals. Players must complete the task quickly so that players can be rewarded with medals and money. Use the money to unlock new better cars. Players need to show precise and skilful driving skills to stop criminals and complete challenges in the game. Solve all problems in the city quickly and efficiently; you will receive the corresponding reward.

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Show off your best driving skills and experience the speed on all terrains in Detective Driver: Miami Files for iOS. You will have full equipment of a real detective. Learn how to use and complete the challenges as quickly as possible. Crime is very dangerous, be careful and become the most famous detective in the city.

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Detective Driver: Miami Files – Android Gameplay

In high-speed driving, you also need to pay attention to traffic safety issues. Obstacles will appear throughout the road; you have to be smart to dodge them. Be careful, not to let the bad guys escape.

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Main features in the game

– Experience the beautiful scenery in the city
– Explore stories in every mission
– Used a lot of different means
– Join exciting chasing with criminals
– Diverse task system
– Attractive rewards

Graphics and sound

Detective Driver: Miami Files Mod Coins owns wonderful graphic designs. The images such as cars, planes, yachts or scenes in the game are described in detail and vividly. Besides, the sound system is extremely vibrant, appealing players much.

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Overall, Detective Driver: Miami Files for Android is a very addictive action game. Join the game and become the best detective in the city. Complete all missions to earn many medals and exciting rewards. Here is a link to help you easily install the game.