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League of Legends is an extremely popular MOBA game all over the world. This is a game that almost every gamer has heard and spot anywhere. There are a lot of mobile games that follow this trend, but they have certain downsides. So, would like to introduce to you a game. Personally, the game is the most worthy to play, it is called Destiny Of Thrones. You can download and experience the game completely free on both iOS and Android with 121Mb. You can play games smoothly on the phone or tablet. The game has been very successful in the world. It has gained enormous popularity in some parts of the world. Join to find out what the game has to offer.

Destiny Of Thrones APK v1.7.1 Mod Unlimited Money

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Playpark has officially released the official version of DOT after many different beta versions. This is a great news for players all over the world because now we can officially experience this hit game.

What makes Destiny Of Thrones so successful

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Destiny Of Thrones Apk Download has been thoroughly invested by the manufacturer in the graphics and story content. The game was inspired by the famous Chinese series – Journey to the West. The character of the game revolves around the story and the war earthquakes – evil.

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This is the most influential series in the Asian game market. Players will be curious and excited to be involved in the journey to the West. Because this is the childhood memories of many people, especially, those who are fans of Journey to the West.

Destiny Of Thrones for Android is comparable to the popular League of Legends game on PC because of a lot of factors. One of them is the graphics of the game; DOT has excellent image quality. Everything such as sharpness, realism and contrast is invested in giving the player the best experience. The game has a lot of dark colours, but it does not make the player gloomy. Battle Map is designed with a variety of terrain that will give players a lot of new things, give them the best moments.

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Another thing that makes the game more successful is that the character system is very familiar to the players. You will encounter characters that have been associated with childhood such as Sun Wukong, Zhu Bishui and their presence will bring you the emotions and fun. Besides the massive character system, you also find the game has a variety of tactics so that you can create freely. Besides, you find the effects and images in the game very lively and beautiful; you will certainly be extremely impressed with the graphics quality in the game.

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You can participate in many different game modes such as 3v3 PvE or PvP 5v5. You will soon be swept into the fierce battle in the game.
You have two options to control the character in the game. The first option is that you can use the navigation keys, the second is that you can touch the screen to move the character. You can upgrade all of your character skills from the first level. The tactics and rules of the game are quite similar to other MOBA games. You need to destroy the enemy’s main house to win.

Download Destiny Of Thrones APK Mod for Android/iOS

Some disadvantages in the game

Destiny Of Thrones for iOS has many advantages, but it does not mean the game has no downside. Game graphics are beautiful, but certain phones can play smoothly. You need high-end or mid-range phones to play the game best.

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Besides, the game sometimes lag when playing games. The speed of the characters is sometimes quite long. This is a problem that manufacturers need to fix early so that players can have the best experience. Hopely, in the near future, DOT will improve more.

General comment

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Moba games are not always as successful as the expected producers. Especially when it comes to a fastidious market like the UK market. MoBa games on the mobile sometimes cannot be compared to PC games because we have to use the phone screen to perform actions. Also, devices with weak configurations will cause the players to go crazy due to slow, laggy situations.

Destiny Of Thrones Mod Money is still a MOBA name worth playing at present. The game quickly defeated other games in the market where it was released. You can download the game via the link below. Wish you have the best gaming experience.