• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 270 MB
  • Date Updated: 28/01/2019

Destiny Chaser – A beautiful role-playing game produced by Spoon Games with many exciting activities waiting for you and everyone in front. The role-playing genre is very familiar to everyone, the game you will like this game at first sight. Enjoy epic battles and beautiful characters along with a series of challenges that provide the most addictive experience. Are you ready for unique journeys ahead? Download the game on Googleplay app or use the link at the bottom of the article to experience this fascinating game.

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Destiny Chaser for iOS brings different stories like a vampire who wants a simple human life, a final descendant of time-controlled magicians. Or a talented musician who wishes to perform on a sparkling stage. Experience and explore these three interesting stories with interesting characters: Lena, Cruz and Viola. Overcoming many dangerous challenges and pitfalls to help fulfill their dreams. Discover new lands and impressive power when making dreams.

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Outstanding features

In the game, you have the opportunity to summon heroes and pets. Summon a variety of different characters and pets to participate in exciting adventure journeys. You will be able to use many different characters with different powers. All characters are ranked power according to the star system. Hero has six stars as the most powerful character, using all your luck to own many of these characters. Besides the power system, you also get to upgrade characters with multiple levels. Fight constantly to accumulate more experience points and level up your character.

Destiny Chaser : Idle RPG for Android/iOS

You can perform many different tasks to accumulate experience points and get many valuable rewards. The difficulty of the quests will gradually increase through each level of the character, make sure your character can fight well in complex tasks. In addition to the mission of the game, a series of Dungeons and Boss Challenge brings crazy challenges with many attractive rewards. Discover 5x speed unique in intense battles with the ability to adjust speed according to individual needs.

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Diverse arsenal

To bring the most exciting combat experience, Destiny Chaser APK Mod is prepared with an impressive weapon system and is suitable for many characters of the game. More than 300 weapons or items are carefully prepared for people to exchange and collect when experiencing. Weapons and items when equipped will enhance the fighting ability for characters; they will help you overcome many difficult tasks. Explore an impressive weapon system in two items, Weapon Storage and Weapon Expedition.

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Beautiful graphics

Destiny Chaser for Android has a sharp 3D graphics and characters built in a beautiful cartoon style. The character’s movements are displayed very smoothly and vividly. Diverse combat space when designed with many different maps will not make you feel bored. New lands always have special details and hidden events. You will feel more excited when exploring new areas of the game. Finally, the interface is arranged scientifically to bring comfort when fighting.


Destiny Chaser with impressive gameplay, well prepared with beautiful image system. It provides the challenges and entertainment that people need. You love RPG activities and get plenty of time to relax; you should not miss this unique game.