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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 96 MB
  • Date Updated: 12/11/2018

Games with the content zombie always receive much attention and investment of game makers. Monica Wyatt producer recently released a zombie game called Desert Storm: Zombie Survival. This is a survival and action game that receives a lot of positive reviews and people’s attention at present.

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New zombie game

In the game, you will be the rare survivor of the world after everything is destroyed by virus rabies that causes a zombie pandemic and kills many humans. You will get lost in a wilderness. With the dangers lurking behind you, plagues, earthquakes, deprived living conditions are all you have to face. To survive in a non-human world, you have to look for water and food to survive. Also, you need to find and create the tools or weapons needed to protect yourself from danger.

desert storm zombie survival 1

How to survive?

Desert Storm: Zombie Survival APK Mod is designed with an easy-to-understand virtual key system to experience the game quickly. The left virtual key will be used to move your character, and the virtual keys to the right will be used to work and fight. At the start of the game, you will have to move constantly to various places to look for food and drink. Once you have accumulated the food and drink you need to calculate and use it appropriately to meet the requirement of continuous movement in the game and survive the longest. In particular, you must look for items needed to make weapons. The best way to protect yourself is to find enough items to make guns, guns to help you kill enemies from afar and save time.

Desert storm: Zombie Survival – Survival game

To survive the longest, design and protect your base in the best way. Look for the items the game requires to create a water purifier, look for seeds to grow and provide food. The game has many locations for you to explore and find items, but you need to calculate the reasonable travel time between your base and the location of the target you need.

Amazing photo

The game has high image quality and beautiful 3D graphics; you will surely be satisfied with the picture quality of the game. Motion and battle in the game are very flexible and lively; the game meets the strict requirements for graphics for a game of survival today. The simple interface of the game makes it easy to control and experience the game. The great graphics of the game are important factors that make the game more prominent.

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You are ready to survive

You love content related to zombies from comics to movies, and now you want to experience a real survival game. Desert Storm: Zombie Survival is a game that fulfills all your requirements, you can not refuse this unique game for any reason. Join the game to experience the real survival challenge, touch the share link at the bottom of the article to download and install a simple game.