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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 62 MB
  • Date Updated: 17/04/2018

Demon Blaze brings you fierce battles. This is where you fight the most dangerous enemies in the world. Demon Blaze is a fantastic fantasy RPG with unique gameplay. The game is produced by Spil Games. You will have to wait sometime before the game is officially released. However, through the trailer and video gameplay of the game, we also know the appeal of the game, and the attractive features await players. Read through this article to find out what’s interesting about the game!

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About the game

Demon Blaze for Android is an RPG game. Here, you will be involved in the mystery battlefield with the evil demons. You will control the heroes with the unruly strength to fight the evil funds. Also, you have a mission to protect the people of this planet by destroying all the evil forces. Are you ready to join Demon Blaze?

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How to play

Since this is an RPG game, its way to play is quite similar to the game is on the market today. You will also be involved in a fierce battle with horrible monsters. You need to calculate the rational skills, find the heroes have the strength and combine skills with each other to kill the enemy. This is a very fierce battle, and you need to calculate carefully to have the chance to win. The game is where you show your tactical talent.

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Unique features

– You will experience the beautiful fighting skills you have never seen in any other game today.
– You can upgrade your hero’s strength and improve their combat abilities by upgrading their equipment.
– A huge and mysterious world in the game
– The built-in games feature auto-play so you can easily complete the quests in the game
– A rich fighting system for you to experience.

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Demon Blaze Mod Defense owns 3D graphics is very beautiful and eye-catching. The details in the game are detailed in classic style. Characters, monsters, equipment are carefully invested by the manufacturer so you will have a great experience in the game. The skills in the game are also invested very lively and beautiful effects.

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Demon Blaze Gameplay Android/iOS


Demon Blaze Mod Attack is an RPG game that you should not miss this year. Please visit the website regularly to update the latest information on the game when it is released. I wish you a good day!