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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: 06/01/2019

Japan is a country with a famous culture in the world, especially the martial arts spirit of the Japanese people that always make the world respect. If you want to experience Japanese fighting spirit and martial arts, join Demon Blade. This is an ACTION-RPG game from Garage 51 Entertainment producer with fierce battles and exciting experiences.

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The spirit of martial arts

When you experience the Demon Blade for iOS, you will become a lone warrior and called Ronin. You must protect the people, destroy the bad guys and fight the corrupt ones. Players will experience true combat when confronted with many different enemies. You will fight in many locations and be comfortably equipping a variety of armor and weapons. You will have the opportunity to experience to discover the impressive culture and martial arts spirit of Japan.

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Players will experience a variety of different challenges such as confronting monsters or fighting samurai. You will have to control the character through the game’s control system to fight and destroy the enemy. When fighting, the player will have to give exact attacks to quickly destroy the enemy and complete the mission. You will have to constantly fight to level up the character and get many bonuses. Leveling up characters will help you unlock and equip many different items. To help the character have good fighting ability, you will have to equip weapons, hats, shoes, armor. Combining and using different types of equipment will help your character fight better.

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With the element ACTION-RPG, players will experience two battle modes including PVE and PVP. In it, PVE brings different tasks and challenges for you to train your fighting skills. This mode enhances game control and has the opportunity to collect many types of impressive equipment. PVP mode will help you fight with many other players; this mode brings exciting and fierce battles. You will have to use trained combat skills in PVE mode to defeat other players. Participate in competition in PVP to help you improve your fighting skills and challenge your abilities.

Demon Blade for Android/iOS – Gameplay


Demon Blade APK Mod is built on Japan’s impressive culture with images designed in Anime and Manga style. The characters of the game are designed with many beautiful details, and the scientific arrangement brings a lot of impressive experiences.

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You will love this game

With Manga and Anime style, Demon Blade promises to bring impressive images with unique challenges. Built on the impressive culture of Japan, this game will help you to make you satisfied with beautiful graphics and attractive content. Note, to experience this game your device needs to be connected to the internet.