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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later iOS 8.1 or later
  • Price: $11.99
  • File size: 104 MB
  • Date Updated: 19/01/2018


Death Road to Canada is a very hot game on the mobile platform released by Rocketcat Game, a relatively well-known developer of graphically-intensive games and extremely simple gameplay. Come to this game Death Road to Canada you will be embodied in any character to fight the Zombie is extremely scary. When playing with the characters are designed quite simple, but the game still brings the fun and extremely interesting.

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Special in the game Death Road to Canada Apk Mod has been the developer brought to the market applications of the Android operating system; this is really good news to players when the game has been on the device. Suffered from IOS quite long ago. This is probably going to be a very popular game on Android devices shortly, let us explore more about this interesting game offline.


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Imagine someday in the future the catastrophe would come and the earth would be full of zombies, surrounded by every corner of the city, looking for prey and ready to eat uninfected creatures. Your mission in the game Death Road to Canada for Android is to manage a car full of Jerks from Florida to go to a place that is safe and without zombies, it is Canada. However, when the zombies are everywhere, and you have to fight them to move on or die and become another zombie, the task will be more difficult when the number The zombies that you face will be increased over time.


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Come to Game Death Road to Canada Apk Mod for Android you will be transformed into character and start fighting, you should pay attention, but things appear on the way because they are your next weapon to fight with. You can also domesticate wild dogs or a wanderer that has not been turned into zombies on the road, all of which will help you to get through the living corpses.

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Every time you encounter a bunch of zombies, you have to fight or run away from them, the best way is to try to run and destroy them, because you will not have a second network, death is permanent and you will Have to start the game again from the beginning until you reach Canada to win. This is also quite understandable when the number of zombies appears so large that you will not know where your character is.

Another exciting feature of the Death Road to Canada game is the multiplatform character system, where you can unlock new characters in turn to create different experiences. Also, each character builds different skills to add variety to the game.

Graphics and sound

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Apparently, this is a straightforward game from both the gameplay and the graphics; it will not suit the players who want the game has beautiful graphics and modern. The game will bring you back to the game has the same graphics as the 80s. If in recent times all game developers want the graphics in the game must be high-level, sharp, make the player has the boring, Death Road to Canada for iOS has brought an ancient and exciting experience.

Another highlight of the game is the sound, if you have played a classic game like Contra, it will be very familiar, in addition to the background music is very exciting and fun to play.


Death Road to Canada is a simple graphics game that combines sound and fun to play and is a great way to entertain and fully deserve the price of the game. Death Road to Canada is being distributed for $ 11.99; you can download the game from the links below.