Recently, GunBattle ZombieShooters Games has launched their new survival game, called Death Invasion: Survival. Players will be taken to a small town, who is infected with a dangerous disease. The infected people get a very painful death and they are transformed into bloodthirsty zombies. You will become a survivor of this devastating zombie disaster. All you need to do is find a gun and kill all the zombies that hinder you. For an escape from this dangerous town, you will face a lot of danger that Zombie brings. Can you escape hell safely?

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Kill or be turned into a zombie

Entering the game, players will be taken to a small town. You will be the last survivor of this town after the Zombie disaster. You will have to find a way out of this town to protect yourself before the zombies destroy you. Games with traditional FPS style play will give players more thrills. You will have to kill as many zombies in each level as possible; the zombies can appear anywhere and attack you. You need to be vigilant to defeat all the zombies before they kill you. Also, the player will face the Boss has huge power. Bosses are zombies who have evolved and become much more dangerous, with great resistance and power. Players need to combine good offensive and defensive work to destroy the Boss easily.

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You will receive a lot of bonuses after passing the difficulty level in a short time. You will use the bonus you receive to purchase new weapons in the game’s store. With weapons of greater strength, players can kill Zombies with ease. However, your ammunition will have a certain limit. You will need to save your precious bullets. Sure, you will not want to use your hands to defeat dangerous and horrible zombies in this game.


Scary image

Death Invasion: Survival Mod Money is designed on the basis of realistic 3D graphics and phobia. The game’s colours are dark and scary, and players get the most enjoyable experience when they join a town filled with danger in the game. The sound of the zombies and the sound of the gun is well designed to provide the perfect experience for players in dangerous battles.

Death Invasion: Survival for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Experience the game in the simplest way

Overall, Death Invasion: Survival is a zombie game that is not new to lovers of this genre. But the game will bring the most thrills to the players by putting them in dangerous situations during the journey of the game. You can use the link that we provide to make this game experience simpler.