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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 33 MB
  • Date Updated: 06/04/2018

If you regularly follow our articles then surely know the extremely simple and highly addictive games of Ketchapp and voodoo developers like Knife Hit, Snake VS Block, Dunk Shot and Dunk Hit. These are extremely popular games and are appreciated by many players all over the world. Today, we will continue to introduce you to simple and addictive gameplay called Deadly Helix is ​​becoming very hot in the mobile game market.

deadly helix 5

Deadly Helix for Android was released on March 21, 2018, by Three Wala. Currently, the game is being distributed on the Android operating system with a capacity of 33Mb and fully compatible with low-end devices. You can download the game under the link at the bottom of the article. However, users of the iOS operating system will have to wait a bit longer because the game has not been released on the App Store. Immediately after the launch, the game has quickly received a lot of positive reviews from players around the world. So you can be completely assured of the gameplay and graphic design of this game.

deadly helix 4

Simple and addictive gameplay

Come to Deadly Helix APK you will be playing a very simple and very addictive game. Your task is to control the falling ball and make it more balanced. At the start of the game, the ball will automatically move and continually fall, you will have to control and keep the ball in control. If you do not focus, the ball will fall easily, and you will lose.

deadly helix 3

When you start at the first level, it is very difficult to control the ball and let it fall. However, once you get used to the movement of the ball, you can completely control the ball as you like. However, the trick is to control the ball to avoid cracks and keep it moving. This is not easy, and many players have to give up because of this difficulty. This is also what makes the game addictive for the player.

Download Deadly Helix APK for Android/iOS

Note: Deadly Helix APK Download is ​​a completely free-to-play game on Google Play. Therefore, the game will often appear ads. If you feel uncomfortable with them, then you can upgrade the game to a higher version. To do this, simply press the “NO ADS” virtual key at the bottom of the screen.

deadly helix 2

Simple graphic design

Deadly Helix for iOS is ​​a very simple game. So, the graphic design of the game is also extremely simple, there are not too many colours and images to be put into the game. It can be said, the strength of this game is addictive gameplay. Hopefully, the publisher will soon have graphics enhancements for the player to experience the most comfort.

deadly helix 1

We have provided a link below so you can download games for Android. IOS OS players will have to wait a while longer to experience this game. Have fun playing the game!