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  • Date Updated: 06/07/2018

Today, we will bring you a very new game of killing zombies called Dead Island: Survivors. The game was released by Deep Silver, this is a fairly well-known game maker, and they have been successful with a lot of their products. This game promises to be the next successful product of this developer when they brought to the player grave Zombie games have new gameplay with huge investments in graphics. Let’s learn about Dead Island: Survivors for Android.

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Prevent and eliminate hazards

Our world has been devastated by a dangerous disease. Survivors have created various refugee camps across the globe to combat the dangers of zombies. You will become a survivor and lead a refugee camp. Your mission is to fight Zombie troops who always want to attack your camp and other refugee camps. To say it, this is a defensive game and kill zombies. You will control your character and build defence systems to counter the attack from bloodthirsty zombies. Each level of difficulty will have three waves of attack, the third wave of attacks will have many different types of zombies. You will use all your abilities to stop these zombies.

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At higher levels of difficulty, you will have to fight a massive army of zombies and get more bonuses. Therefore, build your defence system in the most reasonable way possible to overcome the higher difficulty levels. Besides, you can recruit other characters to make your team stronger. Each character possesses special skills, and they have different effects on your strategy. You need to understand these things to create your strongest team.

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The weapon system is diverse

The weapon system of the game is varied, with a variety of unique defensive weapons for players to choose from such as machine guns, flamethrowers … Each weapon possesses its strengths in destroying zombies. You need to consider before buying these weapons to get the surest defence system.

Dead Island: Survivors for Android/iOS – Gameplay


Dead Island: Survivors APK Mod is designed with very nice 3D graphics. The characters and zombies in the game are very detailed and lively. The effects of the characters are simulated in real life. Furthermore, the Ragdoll effect in the game is well designed and delivers the most realistic experience for the player. The sound of the game is also greatly invested by the developer so that the player has the best gaming experience.

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Dead Island: Survivors is a very attractive game. If you are a fan of Zombie movies, then you will not be able to miss this game. The game supports Android and iOS; you can experience the game easily with our link.