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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 71 MB
  • Date Updated: 11/06/2018

Recently, Lilithgames developer has launched a new MOBA and the role-playing game called Dank Tanks. Players will be in charge of modern tanks, taking part in real-time 3v3 battles to defeat the enemy. With unique gameplay, the game has received a lot of attention from players all over the world and achieved great success. The game is now available on Google Play. Players need to wait a while longer for the developer to announce the release of the official version for iOS devices.

dank tanks 2

The battle is exciting

Initially, you need to connect your social networking account to the game or use guest log-in to join the game. After that, you will be selecting the gender and name your character. In Dank Tanks for Android, you will participate in 3v3 matches with other players around the world. Each player will own a tank and join the same party with two other players.

dank tanks 3

Your task and your teammates are to use tanks and destroy the enemy base before they do the same thing to your team. Each battle will take place at a very fast pace; players will feel more excited. You will have to combine your teammates with tactics to destroy the enemy quickly. The ultimate goal of the battle is to destroy the enemy base.

dank tanks 4

Therefore, you need to find ways to destroy the enemy’s main house instead of killing them constantly. After you are killed by the enemy, you will have 10 seconds to revive and continue fighting. When one of the two main houses is destroyed, the battle will end.

dank tanks 5

You can own new tanks

After each battle, players will receive bonuses and rankings. You can use the bonus to buy new tanks in the game’s store. Each tank has its special ability that the player needs to explore to associate with his teammates in tactics. Players will be able to increase their ranking level after winning matches to meet players of the same level with them in the next battle. Also, you will receive great rewards from the game after reaching the higher ranks.

Dank Tanks for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Graphic design fun

Dank Tanks APK Mod is designed with 2D graphics technology in a fun cartoon style. The tanks and surrounding environments in the battle are designed in great detail and clarity. Players can see a large area on the game map with a top-down view. The effects of the tanks in the game are displayed very fun; this gives the player the feeling of fun. The sound of different weapons in battle will make the battle more dramatic.

dank tanks 1


If you have been bored with the traditional MOBA games. Why do not you try Dank Tanks for iOS? This will be a game for you to show off your tactical and combat abilities with modern tanks. Simple 3v3 battles will bring you a lot of new sensations. Dank Tanks will be a good choice for you.