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  • Platforms: Android 7.0 or later iOS 10 or later
  • Price: $14.99
  • File size: 300 MB
  • Date Updated: 09/02/2018

If you are looking for fun and entertaining games, then Dandara definitely cannot be missed. This is an interesting game, and there are many new points. Download Dandara was released by developer Raw Fury on February 6 on both Android and iOS. However, the game is being sold for $ 14.99 on both operating systems so please consider before downloading. With a very high price, surely the game will have a lot of interesting points that we need to explore. The article below will review the details of this game, let us explore this fascinating game.

Dandara Apk v1.1.1 Mod Full for Android/iOS

Last Survival War Apocalypse 3


Come to Dandara for iOS you will be taken to Salt – the world with great difficulty and get the risk of collapse. People are being arrested and isolated. Fortunately, a heroine has appeared to rescue the Salt World, join the heroine to fight and claim peace for Salt.

Last Survival War Apocalypse 2


Joining Dandara for Android, you will play as a heroine with lots of fighting skills to fight off enemies. Find and destroy the monsters to rescue the Salt World.

Starting the game, you will be taken to a maze with a lot of dangers and pitfalls. Along the way, you will encounter a lot of monsters, destroy them as fast as possible. However, the path is very difficult; you have to move very skillfully to overcome the terrain. The monsters will appear everywhere to destroy you. So always be wary if you do not want to lose.

Last Survival War Apocalypse 1

Besides, you will be taking a lot of different levels. Each level will be a different map and different pitfalls. It will not be easy for you to win and conquer the map; the difficulties appear more at higher levels.

The movement of the character is also important; you can jump and use skills to attack the enemy. You just use the virtual keys on the screen to move and use the skills of the heroes easily.

Dandara APK – Best of Steam game in Q3 2017


Unlike modern games with beautiful 3D designs, Dandara Mod has a simple 2D graphics and is focused on gameplay. With a very wide viewing angle, you can easily see your character move and put in tactics. With a simple, lightweight game design, you can be assured when experiencing your game on your device. The images, moving in the game all work very smoothly and not jerky.


Last Survival War Apocalypse 4

In short, Dandara Apk is a highly entertaining game. You will not take too much time to experience it. Surely the game will bring a lot of fun for players after hours of work and study stress. We’ve provided a path for you to experience the game on both Android and iOS