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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 42 MB
  • Date Updated: 20/08/2019

Simple elements are one of the attractive options for people to explore in their short free time. Besides simple gameplay, today’s games are also prepared with an attractive sound system to help players not feel bored. If you are a person with little time to relax and complex challenges is an unreasonable choice? The answer that best suits your needs is Dancing Road. It is a soothing game and will bring lots of fun music for you to relax. With over 10 million downloads from online app stores, this game is an attractive option to discover that you should not miss.

dancing road color ball run 1

Simple game

Produced by AMANOTES, Dancing Road for iOS has a simple task system and does not require a lot of complicated manipulation. You have the task of controlling the ball provided by the game and collecting balls of the same color as required by the game. With compelling content and a great sound system, these challenges are suitable for all ages.

dancing road color ball run 2

Move seamlessly and enjoy many attractive sounds

With the task of controlling the ball provided by the game, you will have to move constantly to fulfill the game’s requirements. The ball that the game gives you will be possessed of many different colors. In the process of moving, you must collect balls of the same color as the ball you are using. If you collect balls with colors that are not the same as your current colors, the mission will be stopped, and you cannot create many outstanding scores.

Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! – Addictive Color matching Game!

Along the way, the manufacturer also prepared several special colors changing positions. As you move through these positions, your ball will change color. Therefore, you must pay attention to observe the color of your ball to collect the right balls of the same color as required by the game. Your path will be divided into three different lanes. To control and move the ball, you have to touch and hold your hand on the screen. Note, the movement speed will increase with time. Therefore, you must have good reflexes to complete the assigned tasks and create many good achievements for yourself.

dancing road color ball run 3

Sound and color

One of the features of Dancing Road is that it has a great sound system and brings a lot of fun tunes to people. The manufacturer has prepared many different interesting tunes to meet everyone’s entertainment needs. Each challenge will be prepared with a separate song, and it will bring you exciting emotions.

dancing road color ball run 4

Besides impressive sound, the game also uses various colors. The colors are used and arranged scientifically according to different challenges. The combination of colors in a scientific way will create novelty and comfort for players. Relaxed with pleasant sound and attractive colors will help players to experience continuously without getting bored.