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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • File size: 80 MB
  • Date Updated: 22/02/2018

Many gamers have played the game of looking for and destroying alien monsters Alien Shooter. This is a very classic game a long time ago. However, the game has gradually become the past when the graphics as well as the gameplay upside down. Fortunately, according to the information we just received, Download Cyber Strike game genre action has just been distributed by The Dust publisher on the Android operating system.

Cyber Strike Apk Mod Unlimited for Android/iOS

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Alien Shooter and Cyber Strike Mod Apk are very similar in style. However, the differences are the graphic design and the perspective of two games. With Alien Shooter you have a top-down view that is very spacious and easy to navigate, but this view does not provide you with a great experience. With Cyber Strike for Android you will have a very realistic third view, but cannot cover the top-down view, but it is just enough for players to have the best experience.


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Coming to Cyber Strike for iOS, you will be taken to a cyberpunk -a future world. Aliens have invaded this place, and they have killed everyone. You will be transformed into a woman just wake up after a long sleep. Everything around you changes, no one survives, you have to fight by yourself to against the enemy.


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Coming to Cyber Strike, your mission is to move and destroy all the monsters encountered along the way. You have the training and guidance to be able to become a true warrior. After completing the training, you will join and battle to save the cyberpunk world from the monsters.

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Also, to defeat the monsters, you will be equipped with a lot of modern high damage weapons. If you have enough energy, you can use your weapon with its multiple effects to kill a lot of monsters at once.

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The monsters will appear a lot on the way; they always are ready to attack you. The game will end if monsters defeat you, or you defeat monsters. Besides, after beating all the small monsters, you will have to fight with the more powerful bosses. This is a real challenge in every level; it is not easy to destroy such Bosses.

Download Cyber Strike English Version for Android/iOS

Moreover, Cyber Strike Apk Mod Unlimited also offers players a lot of other attractive features, you can experience this feature by yourself.

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– The game allows you to own a lot of modern weapons that only in the future
– Up to 50 different levels to explore. However, you will need an Internet connection to update the next levels.
– Characters will be transformed continuously and equipped with modern armour. This will make your character live longer.
– Amount of ammo is limited; you will have to search for them on the way.
– The game has nice graphics and sound that help players have the best experience.
Surely, the attractive features of the game will not disappoint you. Take on the battle and kill the alien monsters to claim peace for the world. You can download the game from the links below for Android and iOS.