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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 39 MB
  • Date Updated: 27/06/2018

Cup Battle Rush is a very simple and unique recreation game, released by AlicePlay developer. The player is going to make an endless journey in the virtual world of the game; you have to overcome many different challenges to be able to achieve the highest score. How many points can you gain?

cup battle rush 4

An endless journey

When it comes to Cup Battle Rush APK Mod, players will be in control of a very funny character. Your character uses an aeroplane and engages in dangerous journeys to explore the mysterious world. You will help your character overcome many challenges in the game and achieve the highest score.

cup battle rush 3

In the endless journey, you will face many different challenges such as huge columns, moving saws. Players will have to control their characters to destroy the giant pillars and overcome them to continue their journey. However, you will not be able to destroy the giant column with ease. You can only destroy a part of a pillar resembling a human face. You need to move skillfully and logically to overcome the obstacles in the game easily.

Cup Battle Rush for Android – Gameplay

After you have overcome many different challenges, you will have to deal with dangerous bosses. You need to constantly attack them and avoid attacks coming from Boss. After defeating the boss, you will continue your journey until you fall for losing all your defences. The game will increase the difficulty corresponding to the time that you make your journey. Also, you need to reach a certain level of the score to unlock new challenges in this game. Each new challenge will take you to a completely different world, and you will continue on your journey. The game has many other features that are waiting for players to explore.

cup battle rush 2

Classic style graphics

Cup Battle Rush Mod Money owns the classic 2D graphic design quite familiar. All the details in the game are like a beautiful picture. I feel it is like the animated film that was released in the 1930s. Players will have the familiar feel from the visual design and sound of the game.

cup battle rush 5

You can download the game here

Battle Rush Cup games will be a good choice for your weekend. The game is very entertaining and very unique. You will discover many different fairy worlds in this game with the familiar graphic design. This game has not been released on AppStore, users of iOS devices need to wait for the manufacturer to announce the official version for iOS.